Dead by Daylight Adds New Killers in DLC Expansion

Dead by Daylight has a terrifying roster full of memorable killers from iconic horror movies. However, developer Behaviour Interactive is quite fond of putting its creativity on display by including its own set of original killers in the game.

There’s already a variety of original killers in Dead by Daylight at the moment, which goes to show how the team behind this survival horror game has a lot of hair-raising ideas — from the horrifying Plague and the recent Blight, to the Oni from Japanese folklore.

That being said, it appears that Behaviour Interactive has more original killers up its sleeve, as the studio has announced the new “A Binding of Kin” expansion. This new expansion brings with it a new survivor as well as new killers in the form of “The Twins.”

The announcement came with a new cinematic reveal trailer, which showcases the grotesque duo and their capabilities. Since this upcoming addition comes as a pair, you might be wondering how one player can control two killers simultaneously.

Well, the trailer gives us an idea about how Dead by Daylight will pull this off. The reveal trailer begins with two survivors attempting to open a chest, but given how the bushes in the background keep rustling and the crows keep cawing, it’s clear that the two aren’t alone.

Suddenly, a child-sized monster leaps out of nowhere and lands right on one of the survivors. While it claws and attacks him, his partner was fortunate enough to find a hiding spot where she can look on in horror.

Shortly after, another creature makes its way to the scene, only this time it looks more like an adult, unlike the first monster. This new arrival has a huge hole in its chest and is holding a sickle in his right hand, which he uses to finish off the struggling survivor.

After killing him off, the small creature climbs up the body of the other and situates itself inside the gaping wound in its chest. A truly grotesque nightmare. Despite being a pair, the trailer indicates that they basically just work as one killer.

From our understanding, the smaller twin can be used to debilitate survivors, while the bigger one finishes the job.


This new pair, without a doubt, adds a whole new dynamic to Dead by Daylight, and will most likely result in intense matches. As previously mentioned, a new survivor named Élodie Rakoto will be joining the roster of playable characters as well.

The addition of a new killer and survivor to Dead by Daylight feels like a good move on Behaviour Interactive’s part, especially since the horror title is confirmed to be ported to the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 upon launch this week.

These new consoles will reportedly bring all kinds of adjustments and improvements to the game, such as faster load times, an overhauled game map, as well as improved visuals. Given this information, it’s safe to say that developer Behaviour Interactive wants to provide the best experience to its next-gen console players.

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