Buy Burger King and Get A Free PlayStation 5 Promo Starts Thursday

Video game enthusiasts are being given the opportunity to have their own PlayStation 5 for free by none other than Burger King. Sony’s next-gen console is scheduled to launch on November 12 and November 19, depending on the buyer’s location. The PlayStation 5 has been really hard to purchase though because of the chaotic situation that emerged during the next-gen console’s preorders.

The food industry has a long history of collaborations with popular video games. Even these days, players can get rewarded with exclusive items for games such as Halo Infinite by just purchasing food which is really shocking since the game’s release was recently postponed until next year.

In this modern age of social media and the internet, it is now even easier for companies to collaborate with the video game industry in various unique ways. A great example of this interrelated marketing strategy occurred a few hours ago when Burger King posted on Twitter to reveal the PlayStation 5’s startup sound in a bizarre new crossover that no one ever expected.

What exactly is coming on October 15 seems to have been shared by Newsweek. An exclusive cross-promotion between Sony and Burger King will put a few free PlayStation 5s in the hands of select lucky burger eaters.

The exclusive promo will run beginning October 15 until November 22. Interested individuals must register on Burger King’s official website or thru the food chain’s phone app then buy the restaurant’s two for $5 meal or any other product that sells above $5.

Every purchase will give customers one ticket to use in the food chain’s digital scratch-off game which could reward them with coupons for Burger King, PlayStation game codes, or even a free PlayStation 5.

Burger King has been adept in discovering bizarre methods to promote to gamers for a while now. Recently, the fast-food restaurant received criticism for introducing an unconventional promotional campaign on Twitch, donating minimal donations to live streams so that their automated systems would include Burger King advertisements during the stream. While the move featured no scarcity of innovation, it was incredibly shallow and disruptive, and it was met with a lot of negative feedback.

Burger King’s new promo is much more traditionally inclined. It can be simply compared to other fast-food chain sweepstakes which has been a staple in the American culture for the past several years. Customers purchase burgers and simultaneously get the opportunity to win much more.

The probability of getting a brand new PlayStation 5 out of this promo is certainly slim. However, it still remains an entertaining way for two companies to sell their products and services side by side.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc is a frantic writer, blogger, and ghostwriter. He quit his office job as an Applications Engineer for the love of writing. When he’s not working, he’s either playing with his PS4 or his 1-year old daughter.
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