Dead By Daylight Mobile Commemorates 10M Download Milestone With New Costumes

Dead By Daylight Mobile has reached an incredible milestone for downloads, commemorating with new survivor costumes as well as a visuals update. After just six months since the mobile version was released in Android and iOS devices, the free-to-play edition has amassed over 10 million downloads.

Developer Behaviour Interactive revealed an amazing milestone for the mobile edition of its awry horror game Dead by Daylight, announcing that it has recently achieved more than 10 million downloads. Reminiscent of the initial success of Dead by Daylight on mobile, to commemorate this accomplishment, players will be receiving new costumes for both Meg Thomas and David King as well as a couple of new visual updates.

In addition, the development team also announced several future plans for new content as well as further improvements to the game’s visuals. Dead by Daylight Mobile will probably be going through several major improvements and getting a lot of changes in the coming months, so fans of the game should expect more details in the coming days.

Dead by Daylight 10 million outfit

The visual updates launched today are two of many outlined updates for the future of the game. The objective is to make Dead by Daylight mobile even more terrifying and immersive for its players by giving realistic graphics on smartphones.

Some minor balance changes were also implemented including The Cannibal and The HillBilly receiving buffs and new add-ons to provide better customization. The development team regarded these two killers as fan-favorites, so it’s great to see both of them receiving the attention they needed.

Finally, David King’s new Debt Collector costume is available now while Meg Thomas’ Furious Vandal costume will be arriving at a later date. Legion and Claudette will also be getting new costumes in the future, both relating to university life. Typically, Claudette showcases her love for her university with the Campus Cool skin while Legion lets his hate for the school to be known with the Lost Cause outfit.

Ever since it was released in 2016, Dead by Daylight still remains as one of the best games when it comes to popular horror experience. The developers continue to release new and updated content.

The mobile version of the game features a familiar asymmetric multiplayer mode where four players work in harmony in order to stay away from a heartless killer who is committed to sacrificing them. Dead by Daylight can also be played across multiple platforms including the Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the PC. It is also expected to be coming to both the next-gen consoles.

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