Deltarune Chapter 2 Will Be Released By This Year

Toby Fox recently updated the Undertale website, and on the front page, you will find some of his thoughts regarding the game’s fifth anniversary, as well as a more detailed progress update on the upcoming follow-up title Deltarune.

The first chapter of Deltarune was released in 2018, and Fox wants to continue down that path of releasing the game in chapters. However, he also admits that he’s been struggling with Deltarune, as its scope is much larger than that of Undertale.

He enumerates several reasons why it’s more difficult, including the fact that the system and graphics are more complicated. Deltarune significantly has more content than the former game, and overall, it’s a pretty daunting and heavy task for someone who has only created one game.

As such, Fox admits that Deltarune is currently being developed by himself and a small team.



Fox also admits to returning to GameMaker, after spending quite some time trying to find an alternative, as he felt that it was the “best fit for the project.” Now that he was able to figure things out and made a lot of progress on the game, Fox is “very confident” that they’ll be able to release Deltarune chapter 2 by the end of the year.

He even goes out of his way to include a status breakdown on the progress of the game, even as far as bug-fixing and translation.

Fox has also been very transparent about the physical strain he’s experiencing due to game development. As such, he states how thankful he is for the team of developers who have been assisting him.


Due to this, Fox’s team may grow in the future. In fact, he included a list of people he needs that will help him with the game’s development. More information can be viewed here and portfolios can be submitted until the end of September.

Deltarune doesn’t have a specific release date, but we’re more than willing to wait especially now that we are aware just how difficult this has been for Fox.

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