Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s Ghosts Will Undergo Important Changes

Bungie has been teasing us with awesome Destiny 2: Beyond Light news and updates recently – including today, when they revealed that they’ll be making some important changes to Ghosts this November.

You will be able to find this announcement from the company’s This Week at Bungie article, and it goes into specifics about the changes you can expect. Fans have been asking Bungie for Ghost customization in Destiny 2 for quite some time now.

This is so that players can separate functionality from visuals, allowing more flexibility as a result. Fortunately, Bungie has finally agreed that Ghosts require a much-needed overhaul.


The Ghost 2.0 update’s purpose in Beyond Light is to advance the build-crafting ambition of Destiny. Going forward, Ghosts will be blank slates and fans will be able to choose their shells based on aesthetics without having to worry about its perks.

Each Ghost Shell will have access to the same customization options, and source or rarity won’t matter. Of course, the Generalist Shell will be an exception to this, as this is the uncommon rarity Ghost that’s given to new players.

However, the novelty Kill Tracker, as well as the Leviathan Boss Kill displays, will still remain on their particular Ghost shells even after the update.

Ghosts will have 10 energy levels and 4 most slots after November 10. Namely, these are the Experience, Tracking, Economic, and Activity mod slots. The last slot can only be unlocked after you Masterwork the Ghost shell.


Also, each slot can only accept its own mod type. In other words, an Experience Ghost Mod, for example, can only be used in the Experience mod slot. That being said, Bungie plans on releasing a default selection of mods to players, which will include most of the Ghost perks available right now but in mod form.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will also feature brand-new mods as well, and these will be acquired from gameplay. If you check the Collection tab, you will be able to see the source of all mods in order to help those Guardians who are keeping an eye on a specific Ghost build.

The new Ghost mods featured in Bungie’s update article are Blinding Light and Greater Core Harvest (Vanguard). However, since both of these are annual mods, they will expire a year after they became available.

Blinding Light gives you a 12% boost to XP gains, while the latter gives you the chance to loot an Enhancement Prism.


Last but not least, Destiny 2 players can now have a glimpse at how the new dark UI background will look like when you’re viewing inside of an inspection screen. All this new information, along with the provided screenshots, just goes to show that players will have quite a lot of mods to hunt in Beyond Light.

This all-new Ghost system appears to be the best of both worlds, as it recognizes the player’s progress while at the same time, provides new means for those players who want to try out a more modern build.

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