Destiny 2 Guide: Where Is Spider And Spider’s Wanted Bounties

Bounties are an important feature of Destiny 2, and completing them will provide you with a lot of knowledge and Glimmer. About every vendor has a set of bounties for Guardians to complete, but not all of them are the same.

Because the Tangled Shore gear will grant when done, the Spider’s Wanted Bounties in the Tangled Shore are special. These bounties can be used to obtain Tangled Shore arms and armor, as well as the Lord of Wolves Exotic. They take a long time to finish, but the effort is well worth it. In Destiny 2: Beyond Light, here’s a total walkthrough for completing Spider’s Wanted Bounties.

Where is Spider?


If you’re progressing through the Forsaken campaign, looking to buy any resources, or attempting to complete all of Spider’s Wanted bounties, you might wonder, “Where is Spider?” The last of these solutions will take a long time to complete because the bounties are unpredictable and don’t appear to rotate too much.

When you chat with Spider the next time, instead of driving, you should use your Sparrow to get to him quicker. It can take some practice, but you can either launch over or twist through the barricades. This will save you a few seconds of walking time.

How To Start Spider’s Wanted Bounties


The Spider on the Tangled Shore will provide you with Wanted Bounties. A certain number of Ghost Fragments would be needed to purchase these bounties. Additional Ghost Fragments would be needed for more rewarding Wanted Bounties. Bounties range from one to five Ghost Fragments in price.

Read the bounty summary to find out where to go after you’ve bought it. Each bounty will specify a planet as well as a precise position on that planet. This region may be either a world zone (such as Trostland in the EDZ) or a special Lost Field. Travel to that position to finish the bounty by eliminating the Wanted target.

Types of Wanted Bounties

Wanted Bounties are divided into three categories:

  • High-Value Target bounties
  • Lost Sector bounties
  • Public Event boss bounties
  • Adventure bounties


The bounty’s cost determines the type of Wanted Bounty.

  • One, two, and three Ghost Fragments: Lost Sector and Public Event bosses
  • Four Ghost Fragments: High-Value Target
  • Five Ghost Fragments: Adventure boss

Wanted: The Lost Sector Bounties reward players with experience and limited quantities of Glimmer as they complete them. Completing High-Value Target bounties rewards you with more Glimmer and an Enhancement Core. Finally, beating an Adventure boss will provide you with an Enhancement Core as well as 15,000 Glimmer.

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