Monster Hunter World: How To Beat Velkhana And Get Its Armor

It is unavoidable. You’ll have to defeat Velkhana at some stage in Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne. The frosty Elder Dragon is a near-perfect representation of Iceborne’s sub-zero temperatures. It does so with a slew of beams, ice caps, and some ugly icicles that fall from the atmosphere. How can you cope with the tundra’s terror? Learn how to defeat Velkhana in Iceborne with our Monster Hunter guide.

Velkhana Attacks

Velkhana is a one-of-a-kind monster in Monster Hunter. The Elder Dragon employs a combination of ice-based ranged attacks and razor-sharp tail kicks. Neither of these species works like many others in World or Iceborne. You’ll still need to get used to Velkhana’s telegraphed movements.


The tail stabs aren’t difficult. Velkhana will turn her head to face a target before stabbing her whole body. The stab itself isn’t that difficult to stop. Since it’s a jab rather than a swipe, its area of impact is minimal, and it shouldn’t be difficult to block or dodge. What you have to do now is keep an eye out for when Velkhana hits again and again! Getting close by doing the “Superman Dive” might be your best bet in that situation.

Velkhana, on the other hand, mostly employs ice assaults. This naturally triggers Iceblight, which increases stamina consumption while sprinting, dodging, and so on. But she also has a unique impact that (as far as we know) only Velkhana has. The beast has the ability to immobilize you! When Velkhana breathes her freezing steam straight into the earth, this happens. Your character can walk steadily, leaving him vulnerable to additional attacks.

Velkhana can also conjure ice from thin air. This can take the shape of ice walls that emerge from the earth in up to three waves at a time. The Elder Dragon can also conjure icicles from the sky, which fall on unprepared players.


To avoid both of these attacks, you should either run away or use the aforementioned dive skill. The spherical waves of cold that stretch out on the ground as Velkhana prepares to summon them will tell you when an ice attack is approaching — and when it will appear. Before they fall, the aerial ice shards can be seen emerging above the earth.

Velkhana will finally shoot “beams” of frozen air from her mouth. She comes at you with a lot less alert than Vaal Hazak (who has a similar beam attack), and she’ll blast you up, but in a positive way. Without the Guard Up ability or the set bonus, both are unblockable.

How To Beat

The Iceproof Mantle and Nullberries are extremely significant. If (and most certainly when) you are infected with Iceblight, the former will heal you. The latter will shield you from the status impact for a short while, kill it if you are, and mitigate damage from ice attacks completely.


Iceborne also helps Monster Hunter players to customize their mantles with jewel slots. You can customize your Iceproof Mantle by adding more assault or affinity! Although the advantages are only valid for as long as you wear the device, that is still a significant amount of time.

Be ready to run when Velkhana unleashes his freezing mist. With Iceblight, the clouds will drain your power and even freeze you in place. If this occurs, the Handler should inform you of what is about to occur, and your hunter will begin to slow down. It would help if you got out of the radius as quickly as possible (which isn’t very fast).

Flash Pods don’t seem to be very successful against Velkhana when you’re on the offensive. If she’s in the air, they carry her to the ground but don’t stun her. She rises again, more violent than ever. Instead, you’d like to use the Clutch Claw to return her to Earth. It would be best if you rammed her down to the ground by firing a Slinger Burst straight into her head (no matter where she’s flying) while she’s not angry.


There’s a third way to get her down as well. You will battle the beast with Velkhana’s own ice walls. Sadly, the taller ones obstruct your vision and do not protect you from her ice beams or other threats. The walls get shorter as they shatter, whether due to Velkhana’s physical attacks or your own impacts. These stubby ice cliffs can be walked up and sprinted down like ledges. This allows you to land mounting attacks in areas where the terrain isn’t usually available!

Ice Resistance is certainly a bonus when it comes to what tools to use against Velkhana. But the Iceproof Mantle can suffice for the majority of the fight. Complete the optional quest “Rime Duet” as soon as it becomes possible to update it.

The Cleanser Booster is overkill with the Iceproof Mantle and Nullberries for your second piece of gear. Instead, consider the Health Booster or the Temporal Mantle. When it comes to guns, Velkhana is the most vulnerable to fire damage.

Velkhana Armor


Frostcraft is the star of the show on any suit of Velkhana armor. This is a one-of-a-kind ability that boosts the strength of any arm for as long as it is sheathed. When you attack after drawing it, the power boost begins to fade.

However, both the Alpha and Beta packs have Fast Sheathe and Critical Draw speeds. These work well along with the strange skill. With its own modern draw attack skills, the Long Sword would most certainly gain.

Divine Blessing and Flinch Free, on the other hand, are rarely poor skills to have. In Monster Hunter: World, they’re outclassed by stronger defensive abilities. Finally, coalescence is a fascinating ability that is extremely situational.


When you heal from blight, it raises your attack, elemental strength, and status buildup by a significant amount for a short time. This necessitates being targeted by enemy strikes, which is rarely the desired strategy, but seeing how many monsters in Iceborne cause ailments, it’s not unusual.

It’s only available on the Alpha package, and if you want to use it, you’ll have to compromise those decoration slots.

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