Developer 343 Industries Talks About The Delay and Lack of Halo Infinite Updates

3434 Industries has been extremely silent since they announced the delay of Halo Infinite a few months ago. Though Xbox CEO Phil Spencer recently shared his opinion on postponing the game until next year, 343 Industries hadn’t talked about the situation until now.

As the next big installment in the Halo franchise, Halo Infinite was supposed to be a release title for the Xbox Series X|S this holiday season, but it was delayed until next year. While the details for the delay were not revealed, the feedback to the Halo Infinite gameplay premiere implied that the development team will need more time on the project.

In its most recent community update, developer 343 Industries talked about the delay and all the details that went along with it. While acknowledging the concerns of fans, the development team discussed how it can’t wait to reveal details about the characters and rich storyline of Halo Infinite.

343 Industries also briefly explained how the game’s progression and customization would work and how it would all look like in the multiplayer mode. As to when fans can expect to see the game, the developers said “when it’s ready.”

In addition, 343 Industries also detailed how the delay of Halo Infinite has greatly affected their marketing plans. The different marketing partners and teams are still working with them faithfully for an entire year in preparation for a holiday launch.

While the game’s push back hasn’t halted the company’s different partners, it has certainly slowed down, ultimately affecting the launch of the Xbox Series X, which released without any exclusive next-gen game.

Phil Spencer also discussed how launching Halo Infinite this fall would have been a memorable moment for Xbox, as a Halo title has not been served as a release title since the launch of the first Xbox. Intriguingly enough, the delay of Halo Infinite had little to no impact on the sales of the Xbox Series X|S, as Phil Spencer announced that Microsoft has been selling out every console they built.

Presently, it’s near impossible to find an Xbox Series X|S in retailer stores, and this will possibly continue throughout the next months. However, this shortage may be in fact caused by Microsoft itself for manufacturing their next-gen consoles a little too late last summer.

As far as Halo Infinite is concerned,  Microsoft is confident that this push back will greatly improve the title and allow the game to meet the expectations of fans in every way possible.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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