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Different types of games, and genres, are profitable businesses; the most profitable companies bring considerable profits to their owners. The game products market is valued at hundreds of billions of US dollars and only grows actively yearly. Such a trend makes the game market attractive for new solutions. They are especially considering that gamers are always looking for new game content and want to try it out.

There are various game engines on which the game itself is created directly. For example, Unity is a well-known development environment for today’s most popular 2D and 3D computer games. According to statistics, about 50% of modern matches are made on it, and Walla Walla Studio develops an extensive range of exciting game products, well-known game software developers with experience in creating similar projects work here; the range of products of this game art studio is available, you can view it on the company’s official website.

Why is Game Art Services actively using Unity features?

The main advantage of Unity is cross-platform. The projects developed here can run simultaneously on 25 operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Android, and game consoles. All this without additional processing. Thanks to this, your game project can be advertised on many platforms simultaneously, reach more players, and thus generate more revenue. The benefits of Unity don’t end there. The most important thing is:

  • An extensive library of ready-to-use plugins that significantly speed up development and reduce costs. For example, you can record level creation, character models, and AI behavior models. For this, Unity Base has an entirely free, ready-to-use template;
  • To work in Unity, developers need to know C#. This reduces the cost of hiring expensive programmers;
  • Unity has tools for creating complex animations and realistic physics of the interaction of various objects, which allows you to make the most realistic graphics;
  • In Unity, objects are created using a modular system of components. This greatly simplifies development and reduces the risk of significant optimization or gameplay errors.

Development stages of a game project in Unity

The development of computer games is a complex process. Therefore, to avoid misunderstandings, it is traditionally divided into several stages. They are writing instructions and technical documentation. The administrator of Walla Walla Studio will contact you and listen to your requests, after which he will provide precise technical tasks for developers. Creation of a prototype of the future project. At this stage, different parts of the game are prototyped and combined to create the fundamental component of the project. This is necessary to decide in advance, eliminate unnecessary, ineffective concepts and ideas, and save time and money on further implementation—project development process. Program code is written, models are created, and various stages of creating a working game product are performed sequentially. This allows you to see what future games will look like before significant improvements are made. This is necessary to detect errors in time and fix or replace something. The team of experienced developers greatly understands what to do and how to create a game client interface. After development, all game settings are thoroughly tested to ensure that potential players only have a positive experience interacting with the product. During these stages, players directly participate in gameplay testing and provide feedback on the product. This allows you to complete the game creation process. Game development continues after launch. The design needs to be constantly improved, tweaked, and adapted to meet user expectations.

Stages of development of high-quality, unique gaming products

The field of modern game development covers a full range of services, from the evaluation of an idea to the release of a finished game product and placement in mobile application stores. Walla Walla Studio’s specialists support clients with ideas for mobile games and advise on using technology, effects, and animation. You can accurately calculate execution costs, schedules, and milestones by forecasting all labor, development resources, and requirements that scale correctly. The project is discussed in detail after specialists develop prototypes, diagrams, and sketches of the future game, and all user requests are taken into account at the design stage. Design, UI, models, characters, and animations are created. Game code, server architecture, network components, and external services are written. Work on music and musical background is carried out separately. Explores the game world, including lyrics, videos, game balance, and other content. The developed game will be published on the appropriate platform (AppStore or Google Play). In addition, you can create exciting graphic advertising materials and icons for more effective advertising to attract more players (more downloads). An entire team of qualified and experienced specialists, including designers, programmers, and testers, works on the project of creating mobile games. When creating gaming products, they have proven and modern technologies are used.

Advantages of mobile gaming

Mobile games are one of the most promising industries today. The number of smartphone users is constantly increasing; manufacturers regularly release new, more powerful smartphones explicitly designed for gaming. With the help of games, we involve users in the game process, support their interests, and allow us to learn information in a more straightforward and understandable game form. Mobile games are an up-and-coming tool for advertising and promotion. You can familiarize yourself with the range of game services by visiting the link – Young and energetic professionals work here who constantly monitor the development of the gaming industry and study/implement new game techniques to create unique games that provide you with constant income.

By choosing this company, you get high-quality services that you order here. Game products are developed by a team of experts with many years of experience in the game industry. In the creation of games, the latest, effective technologies and tools are used, which have proven themselves in successful projects. Committed to quality and timely order fulfillment, the company applies the best project management practices and takes full responsibility for meeting all conditions. The company tries to reduce costs as much as possible by using rational solutions, careful planning, and systematization of work mechanisms. The very transparent development process in close cooperation with customers. Each stage of work is documented, a detailed report on all results is sent to the client, and all work is performed according to the agreed schedule. Experienced artists/designers and skilled programmers/testers can create games precisely as the client imagines.

Summarizing all of the above, exciting game products for Android and iOS platforms are developing rapidly nowadays. In today’s realities, gaming entertainment success requires using almost every competitive advantage. Developed games must be competitive and contain real innovative solutions that contribute to their popularity and the company’s rapid development that released them to the game market.

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