Look around, and it seems that all (well, almost) the people you know have their TikTok accounts. There are a lot of things you can do on this social media platform. TikTok is a top-rated social media app that lets users create, watch, and share 15-second videos shot on webcams or mobile devices. With its personalized feeds of quirky short clips set to music and sound effects, TikTok is known for its addictive quality and high engagement levels. 

Perhaps right now, you are wondering, what are the most viewed videos on TikTok? Interesting, right? So without further ado, we present the 10 most viewed TikTok videos of all time. You will also be learning how many views each of these videos got. 

The 10 Most Viewed TikTok Videos With How Many Views They Got

1. Zach King’s Harry Potter Illusion – 2.2 Billion Views

And the top spot on this list of the most viewed TikTok videos is Zach King’s Harry Potter Illusion. The fiction novel “Harry Potter” can show its characters flying for all they wish, but flying in real life? It must be tough. However, Zach King does it. 

The video features Zach King, known as the “king of illusion.” He is a United States-based filmmaker and illusionist who has recently taken the Internet by storm. 

In the video, he looks like he is flying on what appears to be a magic broom. However, he later shows that he is simply skating with a board in his hands and his illusion equipment. 

2. James Charles’ Christmas Sisters Party – 1.7 Billion Views

Next on the list is this video of beauty mogul James Charles. He is famed for his fantastic makeup skills. Surprisingly and interestingly enough, his video has nothing to do with beauty. Rather, it is a snippet from his sister’s Christmas party in 2019. The video transitions are pretty solid, which is one of the reasons why it is viewed by many. 

3. Zach King’s Unexpected Hiding Spots – 1.1 Billion Views

Zach King also secures the number three spot on this list. This one features the illusion king finding his hide-and-seek friends in the most unexpected places. Several things here are pretty interesting, such as when Zach King walks right through the mirror. Do you want to see it? Watch the TikTok video.

4. Glass And Cake Illusion By Zach King – 966.4 Million Views

Zach King is also the winner of the top four spot, believe it or not! It seems people cannot get enough of illusions, can they? In this video, Zach King is seen pouring water into a glass.  However, the video has his trademark twist. What the viewed thought was a glass of water was a glass-like cake. If you want to see the magic, watch the video. 

5. “M To The B” Lip-Syncing By Bella Porch – 690.6 Million Views

The show “Lip Sync Battle” is trending on television, but in the TikTok world, it has to be the “M to the B” lip-syncing by Bella Porch. Bella Porch is a famous TikToker from the Philippines. In this video, she is seen lip-syncing and bopping her head to the rhythm of the viral Millie B song. The video is so entertaining to watch that you can also bop your head to the beat. Quite stunning.

6. Zack King’s Wet Wall Illusion – 659.5 Million Views

Zach King is “king of illusion,” but can he also be “king of TikTok”? Here on the number six spot is Zach King once again. This time, it is a video of the famous TikToker painting a wall. Painting a wall, well, is quite ordinary. But with Zach King, there would always be a twist. Throughout the video, he utilizes optical effects that make the viewers question whether they know the difference between a wall and a passageway. See for yourself. However, unlike his Harry Potter illusion, he did not reveal the secret to the trick. 

7. Sorrel Horse Dancing To “Say It Right” – 421.3 Million Views

Videos of people dancing or singing in the bathroom are usual, but there has to be something in this TikTok video by Jamie32bish that has got the world watching. In this clip, the TikToker is seen lip-syncing and dancing to Nelly Furtado’s “Say It Right” in the comfort of his bathroom. 

8. An Adorable Baby Laughing By Daexo – 392.4 Million Views

Videos of babies are, no doubt, adorable. Maybe that is why this endearing clip of an uber-cute baby laughing made it on the list. Dae Warner, who runs the Daexo account, uploaded the video. Her baby is the focus of the account. So if you enjoy babies, you should watch this TikTok video. 

9. How To Spot An Approaching Car By Khaby Lame – 350.3 Million Views

Ah, the first how-to video on our list. But sure, it is a how-to video, but how serious is it? Khaby Lame is a famous TikTok who hails from Senegal, known for mocking complicated life hacks. He is best known for his amusing hand gesture. 

His video gives viewers a quick tutorial on checking if another car is approaching from behind. His tips are simple – lower your mirror and use your eyes. However, this is after playing a video that complicates the process by installing a side mirror on the back portion of the car. The mantra of Khaby Lame’s video: life does not have to be so complicated. Simple but so much fun.

10. Billie Eilish’s Time Warp Scan – 348 Million Views

Finally, a celebrity on the list, yay! The winner of the number 10 spot is American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish who used a Time Warp scan filter for her TikTok video. It is her first TikTok video, and the video seems usual (not unique) if a non-celebrity would do it. But she is a celebrity, which is why this video of hers made the cut. 

Wrap Up

No wonder TikTok is a great platform to share your own content, but it is also where you can find loads of amazing content from other people. So, indulge yourself in these most viewed TikTok videos. Who knows? You can even get inspiration for your next TikTok video.

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