“Hogwarts Legacy” initially launched for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S in February this year. A few months later, on May 5th, the game arrived on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Last July 25th, the game received a port for the Nintendo Switch. 

Players of the game who do not look closely into its PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions can say that there are actually no differences. While generally, this may be true, there are still some tiny yet essential differences to note between those two versions. We will get to know them in this piece.

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ On PlayStation 5 Vs. That On PlayStation 4: The Differences

First, On The Graphic Quality

A player who goes by the handle @videogamer on TikTok shared a short clip to show the graphical differences of “Hogwarts Legacy” between the PlayStation 4 and 5. 

In the clip, it is seen that the game on PlayStation 5 comes richer with shadows and lights as opposed to the game on PlayStation 4. 


Another difference between the two game versions worth noting is their gameplay. Gameplay-wise, there isn’t really any significant difference, except for this one thing – regarding the Hogwarts Castle. 

In the game’s Hogwarts Castle, there is a bridge you can walk across as you explore this place. For the PlayStation 5 version, this bridge is out in the open, offering a picturesque view outside the castle that players can enjoy. 

Meanwhile, on the PlayStation 4 version, this bridge is part of the rest of the castle, removing that view seen on the game’s PlayStation 5 version. 

Then, On The DualSense

Many features on PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller are exclusive only to it that PlayStation 4 players, sadly, can’t “experience the magic.”

For instance, the DualSense’s adaptive triggers are incorporated particularly for “Hogwarts Legacy’s” spells. When you cast spells, you can feel the resistance to the triggers. 

Also, the DualSense’s haptic feedback is also something unique to PlayStation 5 players of the game. Casting spells, flying around, and crafting can feel much more immersive on this console because of the haptic feedback implemented carefully into the game, making players feel like they’re really living their wizard dreams.

Lastly, The Price

Prices of “Hogwarts Legacy” for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 are, of course, also different. While these prices are not the same store-to-store, you can try to look around to see that their prices are really different. As of press time, “Hogwarts Legacy” for PlayStation 5 is about $70, while it is around $60 for PlayStation 4.

Wrapping Up

Knowing these differences will help “Hogwarts Legacy” players decide which console they want to play the game on.

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