Playing “Hogwarts Legacy,” the Treasure Vaults in Hogwarts Valley may initially seem intimidating, but later on, you’ll realize that these mini-dungeons are among the most straightforward challenges to face in the game. Most of these Treasure Vaults involve solving puzzles, but some of them only require you to visit them actually. Here are all the Treasure Vaults around Hogwarts Valley and guides to open them.

All The Treasure Vaults In Hogwarts Valley And How To Open Them

There are 14 Treasure Vaults to be found around Hogwarts Valley.

Treasure Vault 1

You can find the first Treasure Vault above a cliff, as pictured below.

Once you get there, head further down the road to pick up a cube by casting Accio as you bring it back near the Vault. Then, place this cube in the golden circle on the ground.

Next, you must cast Leviosa to lift the large wooden box, then use this to access the stairs of the Vault. Once you are inside, you must cast another spell to reveal the Treasure in the archway after the burning fire. 

Treasure Vault 2 

For the second Treasure Vault, you can find this in the valley, as pictured below.

After getting there, proceed to the tiny gap in the mountains, then head further down the linear passageway. 

Use Revelio to identify the Treasure. You will find it at the end of the cave with some cobbed webs blocking it. 

Treasure Vault 3

For the third Treasure Vault, start by heading to the location pictured below.

Once you get there, you will see a cube in front of the cave. Use Accio and Wingardium Leviosa to transfer the cube into its designated golden circle.

Then, get inside the cave and proceed further until you reach its end. There, you will have to cast Revelio to reveal the hidden pathways the blue color highlights on the wall. Find the chest in the second blocked wall just in your right corner.

Treasure Vault 4

The next Treasure Vault is located at the location marked in the image below.

As soon as you get there, cast Accio to flip the switch, letting you access the Vault. 

Then, proceed down the staircase to find a cube on which you’ll use the Wingardium Leviosa charm. This shall move all the blocks inside the cave and reveal the chest just next to the stairs. 

Treasure Vault 5

The fifth Treasure Vault can be found at the cliff’s edge, as marked in the photo below.

Once you get there, ride your broomstick, fly over to the cliff, and then grab the cube. 

Then, proceed down the cliff and put the cube in its designated circle. This shall open up the Vault, where you must go down the stairs to find the treasure. 

There are enemies around, so beware. You can find the chest blocked by cobwebs in your right corner.

Treasure Vault 6

Be guided by the location specified in the photo below for the sixth Treasure Vault.

Once there, proceed further through the linear passageway, then dive into the pond. You will then find the Treasure chest in the right corner.

Treasure Vault 7

Refer to the marked icon on the map pictured below for the seventh Treasure Vault.

Now, you must head to the ruins and navigate the staircase before casting Accio to access the Treasure Vault.

Then, cast Revelio, followed by Wingardium Leviosa, to place the golden circle within the pillared area. This lets you access the site and collect the Treasure chest in the right corner.

Treasure Vault 8

For the next Treasure Vault, you know the drill. Proceed to the location pictured below. 

To get inside the Vault, you must climb up the green hills beside it before you cast Incendio to burn the grass. Then, please pick up the golden cube and put it in front of the cave to open the Vault.

Head inside, then use Revelio to flip the highlighted switches. This shall remove the three massive pillars, letting you collect the Treasure chest locked behind them. 

Treasure Vault 9

Getting into the ninth Treasure Vault shall be more manageable. Head to the location pictured below on the map.

Then, use Accio spells to open the gates leading to the Vault once you get there. Go inside the vault to collect the Treasure chest located in your left corner. 

Treasure Vault 10

Next up is the 10th Treasure Vault. Proceed inside the river as presented on the map below.

Be sure that you dive deep inside so you get teleported to another location. 

Afterward, swim toward the surface before you flip the switch in the right corner once you are there. This shall allow you to get inside the Vault. Collect the Treasure chest located at the center of the archway.

Treasure Vault 11

For the 11th Treasure Vault, there will be no waters this time. 

After heading to the location pictured above, proceed down the staircase, then use Depulso to clear the passageway that rocks are blocking.

Afterward, cast Confringo to burn the leaves on your left. You shall find inside the Treasure to be collected.

Treasure Vault 12

Proceed to the ruins as presented in the image below for the 12th Treasure Vault. 

Once you are there, grab the cube in the forest next to the ruins, then place it in the golden circle on the platform with a ladder. 

Doing so will open up the Vault. Get inside, then cast the freezing spell to stop the burning fires.

You will see that the platform will rotate 360 degrees. Step inside the circle, proceed further and collect the Treasure chest.

Treasure Vault 13

We’re almost at the end. Find the 13th Treasure Vault in the location pictured below, next to the Brocburrow community hut.

Then, you must put the cube in the designed circle to open the Vault. You will find the chest at the center of the archway. Collect it. 

Treasure Vault 14

The last Treasure Vault is located toward the edge of the map, as presented in the photo below.

Once you get there, simply flip the switch on the tree on your left to open the Vault. 

Inside, you must place the skeletons in their designated spots to reveal the Treasure chest hidden underneath them.

Conclusion: Collect All Treasure Vaults In Hogwarts Valley

Those are everything you need to know about opening all the Treasure Vaults you can find around Hogwarts Valley. Before we end, remember that there are spells you need to cast for these Vaults. These spells are Accio, Levioso, Wingardium Leviosa, Depulso, and fire spells like Incendio, Confringo, and Bombarda. This part of the game is relatively easy, so you will finish it in no time with flying colors.

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