When Dogecoin was first founded eight years ago, it did not come with a “Whitepaper” or a roadmap, like other cryptocurrency initiatives do. However, since the digital asset has increased in popularity this year, it has become critical for the initiative to have a roadmap. It has effectively transitioned from a joke project to one of the largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization.

The Dogecoin Foundation’s roadmap, which was published on its official website, describes the project’s plans and where it might go from here.

The recently published Dogecoin plan catapults the meme coin into the realm of ‘serious’ coinage. It describes some key initiatives in which the digital asset will be involved, indicating a busy 2022 for Dogecoin Core developers. These projects will assist push Doge towards quicker adoption, such as the GigaWallet, which will enable Doge payments on platforms in simple stages.

Dogecoin price chart from TradingView.com

The Dogecoin website will also be updated as part of a total revamp. This will offer the website a whole new design and include a slew of new project material, allowing members of the community to contribute as a coder, miner, holder, or fan.

The Dogepedia component of the website will be a collection of FAQs (frequently asked questions) culled from various social media platforms to provide answers to the community’s most urgent questions. “Our objective is that by making each Q&A a directly linkable page, we’re providing the Doge Army with the tools they need to eliminate FUD wherever it appears!” said the statement.

If Doge wants to do more of one thing more of, it makes it easier for developers to work on the project. This is the purpose of LibDogecoin. It is one of the eight projects on the roadmap that developers will work on.


Essentially, it is a full implementation of the Dogecoin protocols. It is a C library and a set of bindings to common programming languages that allow developers to create Dogecoin-compliant solutions. It makes Doge’s main functionality available as a simple C library to encourage community creativity. This will allow developers to construct Dogecoin-based products “without having to deal with the underlying mechanics of the crypto operations.”

The Dogecoin Keyring, an API/SDK, and Project RadioDoge are the other projects indicated on the roadmap. A proposal for community staking would transition the network to proof of stake and collaboration for a Point of Sale, L2 app.

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