The end of 2021 is fast approaching, and we recollect how the crypto-asset industry has had a turbulent year. We can only imagine what the new year has in store for this volatile industry. For the past year, various crypto sectors sparked a flame for the market, including DeFi, GameFi, Meme, and DAO, among others. And now, it appears that metaverse blockchain games will keep the flame burning to 2022.

Thanks to the current market’s performance, investors are once again passionate about the blockchain game sector. Popular blockchain-based games like AXS, SAND, and MANA even saw an increase in value for their respective crypto assets. In any case, there’s no need to worry if you’ve missed out on a couple of mainstream projects because there’s more to come in the upcoming new year.

Specifically, you don’t want to miss out on StarMon, which is expected to go viral and lead the market in 2022. According to recent StarMon news, game testing will be done by this week, after which the title will officially be launched to the general public.

Currently, StarMon’s official Twitter account has over 70,000 followers already, and the StarMon trading market has already reached 24,000 BNBS, which is more or less $13 million when converted to USD. Many communities, particularly in South America, Southeast Asia, and South Asia, have avidly promoted StarMon.

Since the metaverse game’s official launch is almost before us, the community of excited supporters is looking forward to experiencing StarMon and how it stands apart from other similar projects.


Superb Game Design

The in-game characters are known as Starmon, and each one has its unique attributes, skills, appearances, talents, and more. Each Starmon has six abilities: RES, HP, ATT, SPD, DEF, and ATK. Your Starmon’s ability can also dictate its positioning, i.e., whether the character should be in an attack position or a defensive one. Other factors affecting your Starmon’s abilities include the elements, talents, characters, etc.

Under the right environment or weather conditions, your Starmon could also thrive. In other words, some characters will gain a bonus when they’re battling in the right weather or field.

Breeding Capabilities

Similar to real-world animals, Starmon can also breed and create offspring. When offspring are created, they have a high chance of inheriting their parents’ genes, such as skills, appearance, talent, personality, and the like. When you breed two high-quality Starmon, the better the quality of the offspring.

However, there’s also a slight chance that the offspring will inherit traits that aren’t from their parents. Instead, they’ll pick up inherent traits within their race gene pool, which will come as a pleasant surprise to players.

Brilliant Gameplay

While there are already countless blockchain-based games in the market, most are 2D or web version games. This isn’t the case for StarMon, though, as it’s a 3D mobile game with gameplay that’s highly similar to the fan-favorite game, Pokemon. Currently, StarMon has a few game modes in mind, including land building, PvE adventures, and PvP arenas.

The PvE mode is similar to a regular game’s adventure mode. In this case, players have to fight an organization known as “Predator.” Each defeated enemy will leave you with various rewards, resources, and materials. The enemies will become much harder as you reach the higher levels, but the rewards will be even more generous.

Similar to other traditional games, PvP involves battling other players. Those who want to increase their ranks have to beat other players, not to mention regularly improving their Starmon characters. Not only that, but StarMon plans on launching a PvP Ladder tournament that players can join. In this tournament, top-tier trainers will receive fantastic rewards.


Play to Earn Model

StarMon will also follow a Play to Earn (P2E) model, which is the case for most blockchain-based games. The entry requirement for this particular game is to own three Starmons, which will cost you less than 1,000 USDT. DNAxCAT, another blockchain game by YooShi, was able to have stable profits within only 30 days. With DNAxCAT as a reference, we estimate that StarMon’s return cycle can take place within 60 days at the very least.

Since StarMon is a high-quality project, there’s a good chance it may perform much better as time passes. StarMon has an ecosystem similar to another popular P2E game, Axie Infinity. Namely, both titles have a governance token and an in-game token.

To ensure that StarMon’s P2E revenue is stable and thriving, the game has a deflationary model for both of its tokens, SMON and GST. Starmons will require SMON and GST for activities such as incubation, skill/talent development, breeding, etc. Aside from consuming these materials, though, Starmon evolution also means you’ll be consuming other Starmon, too.


In summary, StarMon’s excellent 3D visuals and graphics, along with its seamless battle experience, offer players with one-of-a-kind gameplay like no other. Besides, it’s a low-barrier game, which means anyone can easily pick up and understand how it all works.

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