Elon Musk, a renowned billionaire who has been public about his support towards crypto, recently revealed that he was annoyed by the new Twitter Blue feature that allowed subscribers to use NFTs as their default photos. Musk expressed annoyance by tweeting three impactful words in a recent tweet: “This is annoying.”

The tweet also came with a screenshot of the new Twitter announcement to ensure people knew what he was referring to. According to the Tesla CEO, Twitter isn’t using its resources properly.

Last week, Twitter launched a brand-new feature, but it’s only available to Twitter Blue iOS subscribers living in the US and Canada. In this new feature, users who are proud of their NFT purchases can display them on their profile in the shape of a hexagonal profile photo. If you’re familiar with the social networking site Twitter, you’re probably aware that the regular profile photos are circular.

Musk is openly supportive of cryptocurrency and has been for a while. So, seeing his stance on Twitter’s new feature was quite interesting. Elaborating more on his annoyance, Musk sent out another tweet last tweet, saying:


Musk had previously announced that Tesla would start accepting Bitcoin as payment when buying cars, but he later changed his mind due to environmental concerns related to Bitcoin mining. By December 2021, he said that the company would begin accepting Dogecoin as a payment method for select items on the Tesla online store.

silver round coin on brown wooden table

Adam Singer, formerly Google’s VP of Marketing, tweeted in support of Musk’s stance. He agreed with Musk, saying that “Twitter’s product team needs better prioritization on what’s actually important for user experience.” He wasn’t the only one to show support either, as even MicroStrategy chief executive Michael Saylor agreed with the billionaire. He suggested that the only way Twitter can rectify the issue of spambots and scammers is if users can purchase a verified account using crypto.

Bruce Falck, the social media platform’s Revenue Product Lead, responded, saying that they’re already working on it. He adds that “allocation of engineering resources against the most important issues is something we take seriously.”

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