Doom Eternal 6th New Update For Next-Gen Consoles Now Live

DOOM Eternal’s newest update is now out, along with a new-gen upgrade and a complete list of patch notes for consoles and PC. DOOM Eternal was first published in March of 2020, and it is the sequel to 2016’s DOOM reboot, with both games taking the classic shooter brand into the current day with cutting-edge visuals and game engine technology. The games have been acclaimed for their nonstop action and sophisticated and brutal single-player experience.

DOOM Eternal has received six significant upgrades and two expansions, The Ancient Gods Part 1 and The Ancient Gods Part 2, in the little over a year since its release. The game’s previous big content upgrades added new features, including the Empowered Demons system, new Master Levels, tougher challenges, and regular skins and bug patches. The team is now working to improve the game for the next generation of platforms.

DOOM Eternal is now completely available on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, with free upgrades for everyone who owns the game on last-gen platforms, according to the latest update issued on June 29. According to Bethesda’s patch notes, this version included many graphical enhancements, including three new graphics choices for PS5 and Xbox Series X, allowing players to pick between 1800p/120fps, 4K/60fps, and all-new Ray Tracing at 1800p/60fps.


Ray Tracing is a new feature in the game that is accessible on both consoles and the PC, however it is not available on the Xbox Series S. These additional visual settings apply to both the basic game and both expansions, as well as the multiplayer BATTLEMODE.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game appears to be the only one that hasn’t received the update, with no mention in the patch notes other than the changes that apply to all platforms and the fact that the new content from this update won’t be available on the seemingly neglected platform until a later date.

This update also adds support for the DualSense adaptive triggers and speaker on the PS5 controller, allowing anyone who managed to get their hands on one during the severe console scarcity that continues to this day to have a better experience with the new system.

In addition to the current-gen changes, the game has received a free update that includes a new Master Level, Taras Nabad, a new BATTLEMODE arena, Corrosion, and a new weapon skin for the Ballista that showcases the game’s Ray Tracing. Several bug fixes and balancing adjustments have been implemented to every mode in the game, as well as improvements to the multiplayer experience on all platforms to round out the patch notes.

Despite being primarily a single-player game, DOOM Eternal has received regular free content upgrades since its debut, providing more for both new and returning players to enjoy and an incentive for returning players to return. It’s encouraging to see one of the most historically significant FPS games flourish in the contemporary day, and this expansion demonstrates Bethesda’s dedication to preserving the tradition.

Now, the game is making a big push onto the next generation of consoles and PC technology, enhancing the overall visual experience of what was already a visually outstanding product. Together with the game’s inclusion in the Game Pass subscription service, these modifications ensure that DOOM Eternal will continue to attract a loyal following as the gaming industry evolves.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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