Upcoming League of Legends Udyr Rework Details Revealed

Developer Riot Games has revealed fresh information about Udyr, League of Legends’ bestial champion. Players may pick from a pool of over 140 champions in this online multiplayer combat arena game, which was released in 2009. Riot Games has continued to support the game since its release, releasing new champions and upgrading previous ones in order to maintain the game’s balance.

While brand-new champions are always thrilling for League of Legends’ devoted fanbase, upgrading existing heroes is just as vital. Because the game is always changing, Riot Games often utilizes Visual and Graphics Updates to keep older champions relevant.

Dr. Mundo, a long-running combatant whose expertise had become a little obsolete, was the subject of a recent VGU. Mundo’s fundamental gameplay loop of controlling health regeneration has been preserved, but Riot will have an easier time tweaking the insane monster’s new abilities in the future. Because of his antiquated looks and aged gameplay, the game’s player base voted in February for Udyr to be the focus of the developer’s next overhaul.


Riot Games has revealed the details of League of Legends’ upcoming VGU, which will definitely center on the Spirit Walker Udyr. The fundamental gameplay of the shaman warrior, which focuses on shapeshifting between four different animal forms, will be preserved in the redesign. Udyr will continue to be a melee-only character. However, the inclusion of “super stances,” which offer him an explosive rush of strength, will speed up his gameplay.

The Aesthetic and Gameplay Update will also improve Udyr’s visual and narrative design. New tattoos will be added to reflect the animal energies he channels, as well as new looks for each of his four postures. Udyr’s many skins are getting new designs, each expressing a different element of the multifaceted champion. When it arrives in 2022, the VGU will delve further into Udyr’s personality and motives, serving as more of an update to his tale than a total rewrite.

Riot Games maintains League of Legends up to date by releasing in-game events in addition to character additions and reworks. The company recently commemorated Pride Month 2021 by releasing themed quests for users to complete.


Players were given numerous objectives to perform during the Pride event, such as playing the game with friends or using certain characters. Completing these Pride Month tasks will provide players with Pride-themed symbols and emotes, as well as thematic awards. Riot Games expressed their support for the LGBTQ+ community by releasing a short love tale starring Diana and Leona, two of the game’s champions.

Despite the fact that League of Legends has been around for almost a decade, the game has managed to maintain a large and devoted audience by providing periodic support for the online combat arena. Updating the game’s older heroes is critical since they would otherwise become obsolete in comparison to their younger counterparts. Udyr is one of the most distinctive characters in the game, both in terms of gameplay and design, thus it’s no wonder that the League of Legends community has asked for a VGU for him.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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