To give all of you a background of what we are going to talk about this time, it is about Dream. If you are familiar with Dream, you can skip the next part and move forward to the next paragraph. But for those who are unfamiliar or maybe heard about it but did not bother to watch him, Dream is a Minecraft YouTuber who shares gameplays and walkthroughs of the game on the video sharing platform. If you search “dream” on YouTube, he will appear on top of the search results. Interesting because dream is such as general word. 

Let us start. If you had more than 30 million subscribers (Dream has got 30.1 million subscribers on YouTube right now as of writing), millions of fans tuning in to your every Twitch stream and buying your merchandise for one purpose, what would you do?

Would you give them what they want (in Dream’s case, people want to see the face behind the smiley) or milk them as long as possible? 

For us, Dream is maybe stretching it a bit too far. Or is he?

As a matter of fact, Dream has openly admitted that he plans to “take full advantage of it” before he takes off the smiley face. Oh, we cannot wait. 

That said, Dream certainly has a knack for keeping things spicy. 

On his Instagram, the video creator has uploaded full-body photos without showing his face, of course. And the fans went crazy when they saw Dream showing off his merch. 

The teasing is out of this world, and so has the fans’ thirst over Dream’s face. 

Many believe the Dream face reveal already transpired, that too, more than once. But there are naysayers too. 

So, we decided to dive deep into this trending phenomenon, share our take on this whole Dream face reveal fiasco, and look back at moments when he might have shown his face (or not).

Dream Face Reveal: Pranks, Teasers… And Catfishing?

Annoyingly, Dream has been teasing a face reveal ever since the resurgence of his YouTube channel. 

His YouTube channel that shares Minecraft videos regularly was a total bust at first. So much so that he stopped uploading, rendering the channel inactive at some points in 2019. 

A trivia first: did you know Dream started his YouTube channel in 2014 when he was only 15? And in the first three years, he only garnered around a thousand subscribers. 

But it all changed in 2020 when Dream’s channel grew from a million to 15 million subscribers within just a year. And with the highly entertaining Manhunts and Speed Runs, fans started asking him for a face reveal. What else would they ask? 

Did you know what Dream did? He started teasing and pranking his fans about his face reveal. Up next, we list down some of the Dream face reveal pranks and teasers that drove the Internet crazy. 


The first was a leak that caused Twitter outrage, but Dream was quick to shut down the rumors. Twitter netizen @oomfed1 posted this tweet claiming Dream “catfished” his fans. According to Google Dictionary, catfishing is luring someone into a relationship through a fictional online persona.

He even claimed Dream was using his brother as a body double. Too far-fetched, but it got the fans abuzz. In the end, the #DreamOut farce had a swift ending after Dream himself called it a “picture of some random person.” 

April Fool’s Day

There was also another alleged Dream face reveal moment, which has been said to have happened during the “Trainwreckstv” podcast. 

Fans thought Dream finally slipped up when he “accidentally” turned on his video camera during the live podcast. 

Below is a screenshot from that podcast. You can see “Dream” in the middle right corner. 

Jack Manifold’s reaction says it all. This clip went viral on various social media platforms. 

However, it seemed that the fans had forgotten this happened on April Fool’s Day, and it was an April Fool’s prank. Dream was not even a part of the podcast’s lineup. 

The clip went viral on every social media platform.

However, it was later revealed that it was an April Fools prank and Dream wasn’t even a part of the podcast lineup.

Dream Face Reveal Twitter Teaser

Probably among the best and most recent Dream face reveal teasers happened on Twitter – yet again. He once tweeted a picture showing off his blonde locks while wearing a black-colored Corpse beanie. The only purpose was to tease the fans, as he quickly deleted the tweet. 

However, we and the fans got hold of the picture. In no time, it went viral all over the Internet. 

But the problem still persists. He models and endorses his merchandise, we have a glimpse of his hair (if this is not a prank), and we have even seen his brother. But, there has been no Dream face reveal yet. 

But it is on the cards?

When Will Dream Do A Face Reveal?

This is everybody’s question. But one thing is clear: Dream will milk this thing to its last drop. He has talked about doing a face reveal lots of times, but it never happened. 

He even shared his plan of featuring in a GeorgeNotFound vlog and revealing a face either in that vlog or a few weeks after that.

But Dream said, “It’s all a bit complicated.” 

Another well-set platform from the Dream face reveal is his IRL Manhunt. Dream teased an IRL Minecraft Manhunt if this Final Minecraft Manhunt video crossed two million likes. 

Now that the video has surpassed that number, fans are hungry to see Dream’s IRL Manhunt. 

However, Dream has not spoken about revealing his face during the IRL Manhunt. It is just fans’ assumption that he will do it because a Minecraft-like Manhunt with that smiley face is not easy to pull off. 

Here is the thing: Dream might not even host the IRL Manhunt for all we know. And in case he decides to do it, there is still no credible source that can confirm a Dream face reveal will happen during the Manhunt. 

But Get Excited (Insert ‘Smiley’ Emoji)

And that is all we got from the Dream face reveal trend.

If you are an avid Dream fan, now is the time to be excited about the face reveal. Despite all the pranks and teasers, it looks more of a possibility now than it ever has in the past. 

We do hope, though, that he does not push it too far and gets it over with before his fans and followers lose patience.

Dream’s face reveal is absolutely everybody’s dream.  

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