Developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, “Grand Theft Auto Online” is the online multiplayer version of “GTA V.” With this game, “GTA” players can explore more. 

It is set within the fictional state of San Andreas, which is based on southern California. This game allows up to a whopping 30 players to explore its open-world environment, as well as participate in co-operative and competitive matches in-game. 

But, you should know that driving – and thriving – in San Andreas and Los Santos, you need a great set of wheels. Do you want to know the best vehicles in “GTA Online”? Read on. 

1. Akula 

Akula is not a car but a helicopter, and while it may not be the most powerful helicopter in the game by any stretch, it has this feature that keeps players wanting it: stealth. Interestingly, this is the only vehicle in “GTA Online” that can get completely off-the-radar, and that means you can get your business done in Los Santos without interruption and distraction from griefers. 

2. Buzzard Attack Chopper

This Buzzard Attack Chopper is known for its lightness, nimbleness, and maneuverability. While it does not bring you the best armor, see that it is loaded with heat. It is also a great vehicle to get around Los Santos quickly. For example, if you are a CEO, you can spawn one of these choppers right next to you via the Interaction Menu. Breezy.

3. Cargobob

The Cargobob isn’t really a four-wheeler drive, but its attributes make it deserving of a spot on this list. Especially if you are looking to spend more time grinding the game’s vehicle warehouse, you need to own this. 

Yes, we hear you that this vehicle is quite expensive. But, you can make back its asking fee in no time by using its hook to collect Vehicle Cargo and transporting it back to the warehouse undamaged. You better see it for yourself.

4. Karin Kuruma (Armored)

Not only is this armored Karin Kuruma speedy, but, believe it or not, it is also practically impenetrable to bullets, making this a blessing when you need to survive missions and heists in the game. 

True, explosives and rockets can blow it up, but it is still invincible against standard firearms, giving you more life during encounters with enemies when you need it. 

5. Kosatka

Another vehicle that you must be driving as you play “GTA Online” is Kosatka, also a Russian term that means “killer whale,” and is completely known as the RUNE Kosatka. 

It is a sizable, Propaganda Class, nuclear-powered, and guided missile submarine featured in the game’s The Cayo Perico Heist update. 

Indeed, it is strong and powerful. The design of this submarine takes a cue from the Russian Russian Kelmar and Delfin Delta-class submarines, as well as the Chinese Type 094 submarines.

6. Mobile Operations Center

Compared with the other vehicles on this list, the Mobile Operations Center, or MOC for short, may seem too fragile. Not many players consider owning this unless they want features unrelated to driving.

However, players using this appreciate that it is capable of starting missions, upgrading weapons, and modifying vehicles. It is far better than what most “GTA Online” gamers realize, offering much more beyond these features, so it earned a spot on this highly coveted list. 

7. Nightshark

If you are tired, dejected, and fed up with griefers constantly blowing you into bits from all directions in Los Santos, the answer to this dilemma is the Nightshark. Simply, it is one of the best-armored vehicles in “GTA Online,” and while not perfectly invulnerable, it can sustain a fair few direct rocket hits, buying you more time. Get things done better in “GTA Online” with this off-roader.

8. Oppressor Mk II

Oppressor Mk II, wholly known as Pegassi Oppressor Mk II, refers to that custom hoverbike featured in the game as part of its After Hours update. 

When it comes to its design, it is essentially an upgraded version of the Oppressor, replacing the land/glider components of the original and adding the ability to hover. It is also said to be influenced by the BMW R1200GS Adventure Hover Ride concept bike, especially with its futuristic layout and angled wings.

9. Terrorbyte

Want to drive a rather cool vehicle in “GTA Online”? Choose the Terrorbyte. It is cool because it doubles as a personal space to launch operations for all your businesses and dealings in the game. 

It is comparable to the MOC in several aspects but beats it because of Client Jobs. These missions may be shorter, but they pay really well, providing you with an insurmountable source of supplementary income. 

10. Vigilante

Does the name give you a clue about what it is? If not, let PVP Live lead you to what it is. The Vigilante is actually Michael Keaton’s Batmobile 1989 “Batman” movie but with a skin designed for “GTA Online.”

Batman/Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, so this vehicle costs an incredible fortune. But it’s worth your money if you love heists. This car can go extremely fast and can be upgraded with very potent homing rockets, helping make its setups a breeze to complete. However, note that you will need either a MOC or a Weapons Expert at your own Weapon Workshop to buy new equipment for this vehicle. Lucius Fox, are you there?

Remember, while you can collect all these amazing “GTA Online” vehicles, the most essential thing is still to have fun playing the game. 

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