Duskull Returning To Pokemon Go For October 2021 Community Day

Pokemon GO is always providing a variety of options for its legions of eager Pokemon trainers to capture their favorite creatures. The huge AR game has a number of events featuring some of its most popular animals, with Community Days being one of the most well-known. The developers behind the mobile game just unveiled the Pokemon that would be featured on October’s Community Day, which is less than two weeks away.

September is shaping up to be an action-packed month for Pokemon GO. The Season of Mischief event in the game began earlier this month, with players being able to catch the legendary Pokemon Hoopa for the first time. The Psychic Spectacular event returned yesterday, and later this month, a Fashion Week event featuring some fashionable critters will premiere. The Pokemon GO team, on the other hand, is obviously looking ahead, having recently announced Community Day in October.


The Gen 3 Ghost-type Pokemon Duskull will be featured in Pokemon GO’s October Community Day, which will take place on October 9 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time. Trainers may expect higher spawn rates for the Pokemon, as well as a higher chance of encountering a shiny variation.

During the event, players that evolve Duskull into its third-stage evolution Dusknoir will earn a unique move called Shadow Ball to use with their Dusknoir. To assist players in swiftly evolving their Duskulls, the Community Day will include free Timed Research, which will provide trainers with up to four Sinnoh Stones.

The game’s store will also offer a number of promotional products to help trainers throughout their Pokemon-catching journeys, similar to previous Community Days. Trainers will be able to pick up 30 Ultra Balls for free, as well as a one-time buy Community Day Box with loads of supplies for 1,280 PokeCoins.


Trainers may also acquire the unique Special Research tale, Nothing Dull About Duskull, for $1 USD from the store. The event will include Community Day staples like tripled Stardust drop rates on catches and longer Incense and Lure Module durations.

Niantic’s global sensation, Pokemon GO, has experienced a slew of big updates in 2021. Since December of last year, the mobile game has gradually included animals from the sixth generation of Pokemon, as well as a host of new shiny variations of pre-existing Pokemon.

With each passing month, the game grows in popularity, and Niantic recently revealed plans to reintroduce in-person events for players to meet up and catch their favorite Pokemon. Since the game’s debut, Community Days have been a beloved fixture, and October’s event hopes to keep that tradition alive.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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