LED shop lights are an advanced form of fluorescent lights specially designed for shops. These shop lights are used in the workshops and garages where effective lighting is needed to illuminate an area. It has many commercial applications and is most popular in the areas of business and other works.

Some people also called it ‘LED Garage light’ due to its greater application and demand in garages and workshops. LED shop lights are in greater demand in recent years but people are very confused about their mounting and working. The most popular online website to buy LED shop lights is Lepro.com which provides different forms of LED lights like 4 foot LED shop light fixtures and works according to customer demand.

If you want to know about the types, working and wiring of LED shop lights, specifically 4 foot LED shop light fixtures then this article will help you in this regard.

Types of 4 foot LED shop light fixtures:

There are two types of 4 foot LED shop light fixtures available in the market which are given below:

Integrated 4 foot LED shop light fixture:

Integrated LED shop lights are available in the market in both the forms ready to fix and others. This type of LED fixture is better to use in many scenarios and is most popular in the market. Integrated 4 foot LED shop light fixtures to consume less power and have much more lifespan than others.

A user doesn’t need to spend anything on the maintenance of this type of LED shop light because it does not require the change of ballast regularly. A user may not face any compatibility issue specifically with the LED lights. It is the best type of LED shop lights to be used in renovations and construction.

Lepro.com offers a warranty of 5 years to its customers on buying integrated 4-foot shop light fixtures.

Retrofit 4 foot LED shop light fixture:

The second type of 4 foot LED shop light fixture is ‘Retrofit’. The traditional style of the shop holders is to usually convert the fluorescent bulbs as a source of light for the shop but now it is not attractive for the clients anymore. A retrofit is an option in which we change the fluorescent tubes with the 4 foot LED shop light fixtures. In this way, we can save money by renovating the lights of a shop to LED.

Mounting methods of 4 foot LED shop light fixture:

In the market the most popular methods of mounting 4 foot LED shop lights are two which are discussed below:


If you want to hang the LED lights of your shop with the ceiling or any other support then it is important to have all the accessories with you. The best option to have a brighter effect of light in a shop is by hanging 4 foot LED shop lights. Cable, hooks, and studs are the mounting accessories that are needed for hanging. Lepro.com provides all the essential accessories to its customers along with the products.


The flush mount method of mounting the LED shop lights is the easiest. A customer doesn’t need to have any cables, hooks, or studs with them to mount the LED light. This method of mounting makes a customer free from additional accessories.

Features of 4 foot LED shop light fixture:

The main features of 4 foot LED shop light fixtures are given below:

Linking feature:

If a person wants to link multiple sorts of lights together then this feature is best available in 4 foot LED shop light fixtures. The linking feature of LED shop lights provides a large space for the user for controlling and setting. A person can link almost 8 units at a time. All the lights of Lepro.com are linkable.

Wiring feature:

LED shop lights are very easy to install as a user doesn’t need to have extra wires. No special experience and techniques are needed to install 4 foot LED shop lights as you just need to connect the lights to a plug.


LED shop lights are the best to make a workshop or a garage more bright and attractive. 4 foot LED shop light fixtures are the most customer-friendly and popular shop lights in the market. They are easy to use hence save the money and time of the owners.

Due to its unique functionalities and features, it has a great demand in the market. Lepro.com is the one that provides the best LED shop lights in the most Customer friendly environment.