Elden Ring” is that action role-playing game that will take you to a world filled with fantasies and, of course, gods. But to progress successfully through this game, you need to gain access to the best weapons. 

Literally, there are hundreds of weapons to choose from in “Elden Ring.” Having said that, finding that weapon which appropriately scales to your build is crucial. One of these builds is a Faith-based build, which is ideal for a rounded character who wishes to mix support and offensive incantations.

The much-needed centerpiece for a Faith build is a weapon that has the capacity to scale off your Faith stat. There are several weapons in this category, and here are some of the best ones.

Blasphemous Blade

PVP Live previously told you about the Blasphemous Blade as one of the best weapons for trumping bosses, and this weapon, for your information, is also the number one weapon for a Faith build.

In “Elden Ring,” health management is critical, and with a Faith build, there are not so many options on how you can stay healed entirely. The Blasphemous Blade does not only have incredibly high damage and high Faith scaling for its fire damage but also regenerates your own HP. Particularly, each kill using this weapon gives you four percent of your base health. 

Furthermore, igniting this sword with fire and slamming this to the ground releases a blast of pure fire damage. All enemies this blast touches (even if they are not killed) heal you. Just wow.

Eclipse Shotel

Another weapon making it to this list is the Eclipse Shotel. A curved sword, it scales with Dexterity. Plus, if you are a fan of the Death Ailment status effect, this weapon is an excellent choice for you. 

Moreover, this weapon is the most prized possession of the Castle Sol, an enormous castle you will come across as you explore the Mountain Top of the Giants. The weapon is all about death. The Death Blight effect it can bring to its enemies will damage them majorly. 

Godslayer’s Greatsword

The Godslayer’s Greatsword is another must-have weapon for making a Dexterity or Faith build. It also does fantastic damage with high base stats and scaling from Faith and Dexterity. 

Plus, this weapon also unleashes faster attacks than others, allowing for some of the quickest and most devastating greatsword attacks. 

Its Unique Skill, the Queen’s Black Flame, not only further boosts the fire damage but also leaves an everlasting effect.

Winged Scythe

An impressive Reaper scaling primarily with Faith, then with Dexterity and Strength, the Winged Scythe is the best scaling weapon for an early game in “Elden Ring.”

This weapon is great when you want to inflict and shield yourself from Holy Damage. However, note that the Winged Scythe is relatively underrated since the Tarnished must buff it a lot to make it effective. 

But, the reason it has made it to this list is that it goes well with all the classes. Enough, right?

Golden Order Greatsword

In the game, you will encounter various weapons that significantly scale off Dexterity or Strength. Still, the Golden Order Greatsword sets itself apart because of how it scales off Faith more than anything else. This sword will undoubtedly pack an immense punch and damage if you are in for a Faith build.

The Establish Order, its unique ability, is a two-part Holy Avalanche for unsuspecting enemies. Initially, its action is a golden explosion of Holy Damage, followed by blades of golden energy launched from this weapon toward the target. 

Furthermore, the Golden Order Greatsword is also a sword of light snowballing with a pure Faith build. There’s no reason why you should not have this.

Halo Scythe

Another scythe that has made it to this list of the best weapons for Faith scaling is the Halo Scythe. Though the Faith scaling of this weapon is not that strong when you acquire the weapon at the start, and it needs a lot of buffing, when it reaches D in Faith, it becomes one of the greatest endgame weapons you can incorporate in your Faith builds in the game. 

Additionally, its skill, the Miquella’s Ring of Light, has the capability to throw a halo of light toward your enemy, hence the name, and deal with Holy Damage. Another must-have.

Gargoyle’s Blackblade

While the Gargoyle’s Blackblade may not be an end-game pick, it is easily obtainable much earlier in the game and inflicts substantial damage. Also, while it does not scale perfectly, and only its Strength scaling is relatively remarkable, it does massive base physical and Holy Damage, making it the best pick as an early-game alternative. 

Its unique skill is called the Corpse Wax Cutter. After slamming this sword in front, a vertical beam of Holy Damage unleashes in front of the player. This is very helpful as it gives you an early-game ranged Holy attack.

Other fantastic weapons for Faith scaling in “Elden Ring” are:

  • Maliketh’s Black Blade
  • Erdtree Bow
  • Sword of Night and Flame
  • Coded Sword
  • Golden Halberd

Faith builds can be just as busted like those dedicated to bleed or magic. For that to occur, though, you will need the most impressive Holy weapons, such as what you have learned from this article. 

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