Indie Adventure Game ‘Embracelet’ is Making Its Way to iOS This Month

Developed by Mattis Folkestad and published by machineboy, the story-rich indie game entitled Embracelet is set to release on iOS devices within the week. The adventure title was previously released on the Nintendo Switch as well as on PC, so it’s great that more people will be able to experience this charming game.

Embracelet is a game that’s set in a fishing community somewhere in Northern Norway. Just like your average coming-of-age story, Embracelet will feature themes of loss, family, friendship, and love.

Players will be following the main character, Jesper, who happens to have a magical bracelet that is capable of extraordinary things. This bracelet was given to him by his grandfather, and Jesper is tasked to figure out the mysteries of the bracelet.

This includes discovering who the owner of the bracelet is as well as the reasons why his grandfather left the island and his loved ones behind. As Jesper progresses on his adventure, he will be able to use the bracelet to help him with all kinds of puzzles along the way.

For example, there will be one instance wherein Jesper will use the bracelet to clear debris blocking his patch so that he will be able to proceed with his journey.

Among other things, making important choices are a vital part of the game. In other words, the decisions that Jesper makes will also affect which path the game will take and what kind of conclusion it will have.

For instance, there will be a scene wherein Jesper attempts to diffuse a heated situation between two individuals. Depending on the choices made, one may become a friend while the other could become an enemy.

Embracelet is best described as a game that has a “gentle” difficulty, which means that players can take as much time as they want to fully immerse themselves in the game and explore as much as they want to.

Of course, the game’s soundtrack itself along with its interesting plot are also some of the reasons why many are drawn to this indie title. With its various endings, it will most likely take 3-6 hours of playtime for fans to finish the game.


Since Embracelet is making its way to mobile, the developer is currently polishing and improving the game in order for it to work as smoothly as possible on iPhones and iPads once it gets released.

Unfortunately, there’s still no news as to whether or not the developer has any plans to port the game to Android devices. However, this might change in the future.

Based on the developer’s Twitter account, we can see that he’s planning to implement a couple of necessary changes. For instance, the UI and controls will be revamped in order to make Embracelet more mobile-friendly.

Unsurprisingly, fans will have to purchase the game if they want to play it on their mobile device since it’s going to be a premium title. On the bright side, this means that fans don’t have to worry about annoying ads ruining their gameplay.

Embracelet is set to release on iOS devices this November 26.

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