Epic Games Will No Longer Allow Apple ID Logins This Week

For those who use their Apple ID to login to Fortnite and other games by Epic, we have some bad news for you. Epic Games has announced that starting this week, players will no longer be able to login using their Apple ID due to its ongoing legal battle with Apple.

That said, there’s still a way to save your account but you have to do it fast. At this point, you have to let go of your Apple ID login and set up email/passwords instead. To do so, you’ll need to head over to Epic Games’ General Settings page and update your account information with your current email and password.

On the other hand, if you are having trouble updating your password, you can go ahead and do the usual password reset.

The process may not be as easy for those who don’t update their account on time, though. If you’re too late and the Apple ID option is no longer available, then Epic “may be able to recover your account manually,” but this process requires you to contact them directly. More instructions regarding this matter can be read here.


This whole debacle began sometime in August when Epic Games released a Fortnite update that allowed the players to bypass Apple’s payment system. Apple retaliated by removing the game from the App Store, after which Epic filed a lawsuit against them.

Later, a restraining order was granted to Epic which prevented Apple from blocking them from access to the development tools. However, on August 31, Apple terminated Epic Games’ developer account on the App Store.

With that in mind, make sure that you update your account before it’s too late!

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