Tarkov’s Customs area is the main industrial district of sorts of the Cities, located nearby the Factory. It features various infrastructure facilities, a freight train terminal (where Skier used the work and where a random piece of Tarkov’s lore is), factories, dorm buildings, offices, storage areas, and other unfinished structures. 

The map is medium-sized – six to 12 players and up to around 20 Scav Bot spawns (in waves) and semi-open, which means that many of the firefights happen at medium ranges, but there are some locations, like Dorms, where QCB should be expected. Moreover, some areas provide good vantage points for snipers, such as the construction site, but they tend to be open and do not offer much cover. 

Customs is touted as the most beginner-friendly of all maps available in Escape from Tarkov. There are a few reasons for this. 

First, spawns or extractions are rather straightforward. The player either spawns on the western side (Customs Side) and extracts on the eastern side or spawns in the east (Boiler Side) and extracts on the west. This, combined with the fact that Spawns are rather easy to identify, making the map somewhat simple to learn and navigate through. 

Second, the map’s main points of interest (Dorms, New Gas Station, and Construction located in the middle portion of the map) tend to attract most of the PMC players’ attention which leaves the rest of the map surprisingly safe for new players who want to get easy beginner’s loot. 

Third, the map offers quite a lot to cover, negating the long-range advantage that better-equipped players have to a certain point. Without further ado, here are the details you need to know on the Escape from Tarkov Customs map. 

Points Of Interest

There are several things to explore on Tarkov’s Customs, from abandoned dorm buildings to various warehouses and industrial facilities and construction sites. Here are some of the most interesting locations, plus details about the possible loot. 

Note: Left-clicking on the map will open the full-sized version in a new window. 

1. Three-Story Dorm Building

Among the two Customs’ Dorm Buildings and one of the places where you should head over on the map if you are looking for a fight (because of the fact the building features some quest locations and the best loot available on the map – these things ensure there are always players in the area). The building’s layout ensures there will be a lot of close-quarters combat and some mid-range engagements along the corridors and sometimes across the two dorm buildings. 

This area requires the player to have a range of Dorm Room Keys if they want to explore it fully. The three-story dorm building is one of the places where Reshala Boss and his bodyguards can spawn. Furthermore, this is where the Marked Room is located (the third floor, room 314). 

2. Two-Story Dorm Building 

It is the shorter of the two Customs’ Dorm Buildings and among the places where you should go on the map if you are in search of a close-range PvP engagement (because the building features some quest locations and the best loot available on the map – these things ensure there are always players in the area, like in the previous point of interest). 

The layout of the building ensures there will be many close-quarters combats and some mid-range engagements along the corridors (and across the two buildings).

This area requires the player to have a range of Dorm Room Keys if you want to fully explore it. The two-story dorm building is also one of the places where Reshala Boss and his bodyguards can spawn. 

3. New Gas Station

The New Gas Station is among the places on Customs that you should head over to if you are looking for a firefight. This is because some of the best loot available on the map spawn here, including keys, meds, cash, and weapons. Moreover, this is one of the Reshala Boss spawns (players will often visit this gas station to check for the spawn of the boss).

Possible Loot: Medical supplies, cash registers, weapon box, weapons, bitcoin, chest rigs, backpacks, and more

4. Construction Site

This is the industrial area in the middle of Tarkov’s Customs. Its name comes from the unfinished building in the middle. This itself offers a good vantage point, but it is thoroughly exposed, so going to the top of it is not recommended (unless you do not mind losing your head); if you want to peek, do not leave the stairs and strafe up and down. This area does not offer too much loot but is one of the best places for Scav-killing missions as Scavengers are almost guaranteed to spawn here. 

Possible Loot: Ammo box, some duffle bags, weapon case, and loot from possible Scav Spawns

5. Customs Storage Area

Meanwhile, this is an industrial area filled with garages, shacks, and ample storage containers. If you spawn on the Customs side, it is a good idea to head over here as some useful stuff can be found around this area (if you are a beginner and still need additional meds, provisions, and more). 

Be aware that it is possible to jump on the garages to gain a vantage point (which also means you must be on your toes and always be ready for a possible ambush from above). This is where some of your possible extraction points will be located if you spawn on the eastern side of Customs. 

Possible Loot: Keys, weapon crates, med case, some duffle bags, some lootable jackets 

6. Customs Area / Trainyard

On the other hand, this is an industrial zone that features the “Big Red” factory building (western side of the area), a freight train terminal (eastern side of the area), and a parking lot (southern side of the area). 

Some of the Customs’ side spawns are also scattered around here. The “Big Red” also contains an enclosed room that requires the Customs Office Key to be accessed (this is the Delivery from the past and Farming – Part 3 Quests location). 

This area does not offer much worthwhile loot unless you have the key. 

Furthermore, you are advised to leave this area quickly if you spawn on this side, as you will be very exposed around here, and other players will be spawning around you. 

Note: The key can be randomly dropped by Scavs, found in Drawers, or bartered for 4 Golden Nech Chains (Therapist, LL2). 

Possible Loot: A safe, a jacket, some loose loot, cabinets, duffle bags, key 

7. Shipping Yard / Warehouses

This is also an industrial area, easily recognizable, thanks to the massive freight cranes found in the center. This area features a locked room that may be unlocked with the Factory Exit Key [Factory] (in the northwestern part of the area, just west of the parking lot.) Because of the proximity of Boilers’ side, PMC spawns, caution is advised while traversing this location, especially early in the raid.

Possible Loot: Key, weapon crate, cabinet, weapon boxes, some loose lot, a jacket

8. Old Gas Station

Situated away from the main road, this gas station was out of commission even before the city of Tarkov was deserted and fell into ruin. The old gas station serves as an extraction point, but it is not always opened (look for the green smoke – if it is active, head to the station’s basement). 

Furthermore, there is a loose loot spawn inside the station’s building that can spawn almost any item in the game, including armors and weapon cases, even. One of the NPC Scav spawn points is located near the station, so some caution is advised when traversing this location. 

Possible Loot: Some loose lot, medical supplies

9. Smokestacks / Boiler

This is one of the two general PMC extraction areas. If you spawn on the Customs Side, this is where your main extraction points will be. 

Compared to the other spawn or extraction areas, this side is much more interesting (there is more possible loot and more to discover), so consider yourself lucky if you spawn on this side of the map. 

Note: This spawn is easily recognizable, thanks to the industrial chimneys of the Smokestacks building. 

Possible Loot: Keys, some loose lot, weapon boxes, jackets, and Scav Body

Escape from Tarkov is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game Battlestate Games has developed for Windows. This game is set in the fictional Norvinsk region, where war occurs between two private military companies.

It has been said that the game is tough to play, with a steep learning curve. This is why we decided to create this guide for new players who tend to struggle with their first Raids and help them learn about the different maps the game offers. We have that you have found this guide informative and useful. 

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