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On Dec. 18, the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup came to a conclusion, after Argentina beat France 4-2 in a shootout. Even though Kylian Mbappé scored a hattrick and brought the game to OT, it wasn’t enough. As a result, the Albicelestes harvested its third championship, and Lionel Messi was able to lift one more trophy from the list.

But equally interesting was how the world reacted to the best ending of the World Cup. After the tournament ended in Qatar, many fans theorized about what a World Championship would look like in eSports disciplines, such as CS:GO, League of Legends, and Valorant, among others.

In this framework, Valve suggested a similar format for CS:GO with a new set of overtime rules. In the meantime, the G2 LoL midlaner went live to speak about the possibility of an international tournament of nations in League of Legends.

There have been no hints the developers intend to do anything of the sort in both statements. But if content creators took steps in hosting such tournaments, it would be a lot of fun. Let’s see why in more detail.

CS:GO World Cup – Proposals

As we have said earlier, Valve jokingly suggested a similar FIFA’s format for CS:GO with a new set of overtime rules. However, even though it can be something exciting that the community may support, it is not something that tournament organizers will prioritize.

New Overtime Rules

The developers theorized overtime rules for the fantasy CS:GO World Cup after Leo Messi, and Argentina lifted the trophy last night.

They proposed that if:

  • A map ends in 15-15 like it often does in a competitive shooter.
  • Players would be divided into five one-vs-ones arenas.
  • Each player would face off against the other based on their statistics.
  • A team that first scores three of these five duels would win the match.

Support from CS:GO Fans

The CS:GO community, including many popular personalities, has been asking for Valve to host a World Cup Major once every two years. This could be similar to FIFA’s system, with the federation organizing a soccer World Championship every four years.

Pro players have also seemed to be on board with the new overtime rules and suggested content developers host a championship like this in the future. However, other than last night’s post, Valve probably doesn’t intend to host an official World Cup on the shooter’s competitive stage. Anyway, how far Valve will go with this idea, you can watch at the webpage.

How Would LoL World Championship Look Like?

Unlike the CS:GO competitive stage, this is not the first time professional players or fans would sit down to theorize about the LoL World Championship. Even though every time it is considered more like a joke and Riot probably doesn’t intend on hosting an official League of Legends World Cup, there is no denying this would be a lot of fun.

LoL Nations With the FIFA’s Format

More than 24 hours after the tournament ended in Qatar, Rasmus “caPs” Borregaard went live and commented on the desire to compete at some point in a tournament of LoL nations with the format that FIFA has accustomed us to.

The current G2 Esports mid lane player also spoke about the possibility of an international tournament of nations in the MOBA genre. He once again theorized about what a World Championship would look like, what they would be selected, how they would be shaped, and who would have the best chance of taking the cup home.

European LoL Cups

Without going any further, caPs put aside the idea of a World Cup for a moment and started streaming with Rasmus “Soendergaard” Søndergaard, another Danish mid-laner for LoL. During the stream, caPs projected what a League of Legends European Championship would be like and what good things could be brought out of it.

Maintaining the important format of nations, caPs told Søndergaard that the idea of a European tournament of nations could help the regional scene a lot. As he said, it could be a huge way for new players or lower regions to make a name for themselves. The Danish mid-laner also joked about the idea of putting together a good Danish mid-laners team and making them play off-role. Finally, the Danish player dreamed of an epic crossing against Sweden where Denmark could get ahead.

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