The creators of HBO’s series “The Last of Us,” which takes inspiration from the popular game of the same name, have done their very best to perfectly depict the monsters from the game to the TV adaptation. Some of them are the Clickers. 

Viewers first saw these monstrosities during the second episode of the series, and we’re here to re-live those memories as PVP Live dishes out some facts and lore about these Clickers, plus more. Read on.

What Are Clickers?

To give you some context about those disgusting monsters you saw from HBO’s “The Last of Us,” Clickers are the third evolution of the infected, following Runners and Stalkers, which you will learn more about later. 

Generally, they have been infected for around a year, with the growth of the fungus called Cordyceps almost taking over the host’s entire body.  

Clickers appear to have deformed heads because the fungus has already split their skulls open. Plus, they are blind, which is something that the main characters, Joel and Ellie, are able to take advantage of when escaping from them. 

These monsters were named such after the clicking sounds they produce, which even add to their monstrosity. 

More Scary Stuff

Clickers are not alone in scaring you. The infected have various levels or evolutions in “The Last of Us.” First are the Runners. 

Runners still retain human features since they have only been recently infected. While they can move fast, they usually cannot attack as ferociously as the other evolutions. 

Then, you have the Stalkers. No, not stalkers on social media. These are individuals who have been infected for over two weeks to up to a year. The fungi’s growth is more noticeable. 

After Stalkers, you have the Clickers, then the Bloaters. Bloaters look worse than Clickers. They look less human than their predecessors, mainly since the fungus has formed all over their bodies. They are hard to kill unless you use fire.

The worst evolution is the Shamblers. Shamblers have been infected for a few years, and they release spores from their bodies after getting killed. Gross!


Being set in a post-apocalyptic world, it is pretty normal to see horrifying creatures like Clickers in “The Last of Us.” This series (and game) presents a world ravaged by a pandemic caused by fungi known as “Cordyceps.” These Cordyceps turn their hosts into violent zombie-like creatures whose only motive is to spread the infection. 

For the human side of the story, it focuses on the main characters, Joel and Ellie. Joel is a smuggler tasked with escorting the uninfected and immune teenage girl, Ellie, across this post-apocalyptic world. 

If you are a fan of other shows like “Train to Busan,” you will love “The Last of Us,” too. A second season has been confirmed, so brace yourself.

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