Fall Guys Popular Requested Feature Is Coming

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic confirmed that a much-needed feature will be coming in the future, probably during Season 2 or maybe Season 3. The new battle royale game took the Internet by storm. There was not a lot of hype surrounding the game, and the little that was going around was generated from the game’s beta. Now it is one of the biggest games in the world.


The success caught everyone off guard especially the developers. It is important to remember that a small team made the game. The developers are not familiar with making big blockbuster releases, like ones made by a huge studio pack full of content and features. Mediatonic needs to grow in order to meet the demands for the game because when Fall Guys launched last month, it was missing some features typically seen in many other online games.

One of the key features that Fall Guys lacks is the option of having private lobbies. Mediatonic has said that this feature is in the pipeline, it sounds seem like it is not a top priority on their list, partly because they have to figure out how it will work. It is unclear when to expect this feature to come, but it will likely happen sooner rather than later, if not purely out of necessity.



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