Fans Speculate That Final Fantasy 16 Reveal Might Come Soon

A couple of years have passed since the release of the previous installment for the main Final Fantasy series, and fans are left curious about what the next sequel will be as well as when it will be announced. The Final Fantasy franchise has been a pretty long one, with each game getting better and better visually.

As such, it’s not surprising that each game takes a very long time to develop. In fact, Final Fantasy XV was under development for more or less ten years before it was released to the world. However, this may not be the case for highly-anticipated Final Fantasy 16.

There has been some new information that implies that we may be getting an update regarding the game soon. Sometime in August, it was discovered that there was a Final Fantasy XVI account created on Twitter. As such, many fans believed that an announcement would surely be made at some point.


Of course, this didn’t seem that valid of a proof and no other proof surfaced in order to support the fans’ theories. That is, until Shinji Hashimoto retweeted something that made fans go into a frenzy.

If you’re not familiar with who he is, Shinji Hashimoto is the Brand Manager for the Final Fantasy franchise and is also a part of Square Enix. Earlier, Hashimoto retweeted announcements regarding the PS5 showcase that will be taking place this month.

According to the avid fans, Hashimoto wouldn’t normally do something like that unless a big project he is a part of is related to the event. As such, fans have speculated that a Final Fantasy-related announcement could be a part of the showcase.


With that in mind, it’s worth noting that this is complete speculation at this point so it’s best to take this with a grain of salt. Also, if Final Fantasy 16 does get announced, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the game will be released on time.

For instance, the Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced in 2015 and kept getting delayed before finally getting released back in April of this year.

In any case, we’re still pretty excited to see what games the PS5 showcase will reveal, whether or not Final Fantasy 16 will be included. Although, if we’re being honest, we’re definitely hoping that the title will be included among the games shown during the event.

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