Final Fantasy 14 New DLC Receives New Trailer, Launch Date Revealed

Endwalker, the fourth expansion for Final Fantasy 14, will be released in November and will include a new Sage role, playable race, places, and encounters. Naoki Yoshida, the game’s creator, and director announced the influential MMO’s annual Fan Festival gathering. Yoshida detailed the forthcoming expansion during the opening introduction, and a cinematic trailer later gave fans a sneak peek at the previously released material.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, according to a press release from Square Enix, will tie up the game’s Hydaelyn and Zodiark plot arcs as well as add a lot of new material when it launches in November 23, 2021.

When the expansion launches, players will be able to play as Reaper, a melee DPS who wields a two-handed scythe and is aided in combat by an avatar from the void. Fans will also be able to play as a male Viera.

The male members of the rabbit-like Viera will enter the game this fall after the female version was included in an earlier expansion. Old Sharlayan, despite its name, is a brand-new city in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker.

Most of the downtime for the players will be spent in the stunning stone city. In addition, additional areas such as Labyrinthos and Mare Lamentorum will be available to visit as part of the extension. In the Loporrits tribe, the last location will also be home to a swarm of cute bunnies.

Endwalker’s collector’s editions, both physical and streaming, are also available for pre-order in some retailers. A special Endwalker Collector’s Kit is also available for $140 and includes an art box, paladin statue, art prints with a frame, a badge, and a Loporrit mini plush. It will be included in the Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker Collector’s Edition for PC but will be available separately for other models.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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