Voice Actor From Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cosplays As Her Character Aerith

When Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released last March, the dedicated community quickly made all kinds of fan creations, ranging from fan art, theories, and cosplays to display their affection and appreciation towards the title.

One of the fans who participated in this is a voice actor who worked on the game itself, more specifically Briana White, the wonderful woman who voiced Aerith in the remake. Recently, White shared two photos on Twitter showcasing her Aerith cosplay. Honestly, it’s amazing how much she looks like her character in the photos.

The photographer for this ethereal photoset is Martin Wong, and he also posted the images on his Instagram page. This cosplay project was a collaboration by different individuals. Other cosplayers and makeup artists assisted White in order to completely bring the Final Fantasy 7 Remake character to life.

To give credit where credit is due, White’s outfit i.e. the dress and hair ribbon were created by the popular cosplayer and Twitch streamer known as Lady Zero. She’s also had previous experience cosplaying as a Final Fantasy character, namely Terra from Final Fantasy 6.

As for the makeup, this was also done by professional hands. Another Twitch streamer and cosplayer called @helloiamkate did White’s makeup, which was one of the final touches needed to finish off the project.

With the help of these third-party individuals, White was able to truly bring the remake’s version of Aerith to life, so much so that it’s hard to tell the video game version apart from the cosplay version.

The photoset was extremely well-received by the fans as well, with players praising White for the accuracy of the cosplay.


That being said, Aerith has been cosplayed a bunch of times in the past already and we doubt that fans’ enthusiasm for the character will fade away any time soon, especially since the sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Remake is in the works.

However, from what we’ve seen so far, no cosplay has been as accurate-looking as Brianna White’s. It’s really incredible how with the help of a little makeup, a beautifully-made outfit, along with high-quality photography, the voice actor was able to embody Aerith and bring her to life the same way she did with her voice acting in-game.

We expect the Final Fantasy community to share many more fan creations of the character over the next few years as Square Enix slowly releases the remake’s story in the forthcoming installments.

Although, as those long-time fans of Final Fantasy 7 already know by now, it’s best not to get too attached to Aerith’s character, as things will get significantly darker as the game’s story continues to unfold and reach its climax.

In any case, cosplays like White’s and other fan creations are a great way to continue enjoying the game while waiting for the next part.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available to play on the PlayStation 4. Speaking of which, Square Enix recently released the first major update of the title, which contained a bunch of bug fixes as well as stability improvements that will surely make your gameplay experience better.

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