First PlayStation 5 Firmware Update Out Now And Has A 866MB File Size

A few days ago, Sony launched the PlayStation 5 which marked the transition of the popular brand to the next generation of video game consoles. Even though the PlayStation 5 is only a week old, Sony has immediately released the console’s first update, which is reported to bring quality of life enhancements to the next-gen machine.

As of writing, the exact details of what the new update will bring to the PlayStation 5 are still unknown, but Sony mentioned that “This system software update improves system performance.” However, in spite of the shortage of details, it seems that the latest update won’t be as colossal as what some fans might expect, provided that its total file size is just 866MB.

In addition, it is possible that Sony will be revealing the patch notes soon, so PlayStation 5 owners who are hesitant to download the update can wait for the company to reveal more details on what changes it brings to the console.

Of course, provided that the PlayStation 5 is a new piece of equipment, some owners have already come across issues with the new system, and these issues range from minor to major problems. The most significant issues that some owners might come face with their next-gen consoler relates to its Rest Mode feature.

Similar to the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5 lets players put the machine in Rest Mode to be able to run the console on low power while still being able to download software and updates. Sadly, some players are reporting that they are encountering a critical error that pops up after the console is put into rest mode.

The majority of players who have encountered this error were forced to reboot their PlayStation 5 to its factory settings, while more severe cases reported bricked consoles. As of the moment, the only solution to prevent encountering this error is to turn off the PlayStation 5’s rest mode feature.

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It is still unknown whether the latest update will address this problem, but this will soon be known as more people download the latest firmware update. Aside from the rest mode issue, other PlayStation 5 owners are reporting issues when transferring files from the PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, running PS4 games through an external hard drive, and connectivity issues with the DualSense controllers as well as the download queue bug.

It is also worth noting that some owners checked whether the update addresses the download queue bug but to no avail. Fortunately, it seems that there are no other major problems with the PlayStation 5 aside from the rest mode error and a few minor problems, but hopefully, the latest update will also be able to fix some of the minor problems that currently exist in the PlayStation 5 consoles.

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