Fortnite Introduces Another Marvel Exclusive Skin

With Fortnite Season 4 and its Marvel content still ongoing into November, more hero skins are consistently being introduced for fans of the popular battle royale game. The newest addition to the game is no other than Daredevil included to Fortnite’s massive cast of Marvel characters, with the superhero sporting his classic comic book costume design.

Revealed on the official Twitter account of developer Epic Games which resembles the introduction of Blade the vampire hunter, the arrival of Daredevil to the game definitely came out of nowhere to players who were not aware of the recent leaks.

However, Daredevil’s inclusion in Fortnite will go a bit differently as the superhero vigilante can be unlocked early as a bonus for a new championship series within the game. Called as the Marvel Knockout Super Series, the exclusive time-limited mode will feature the utilization of the abilities of the marvel superheroes and a $1 million prize for the lucky players winning the tournament.

The few players who will win the first round of the tournament will get early access to the new Daredevil skin, with the outfit being available to all players in the in-game shop in the near future. While anyone who will be joining the contest will receive a special glider, only a few select players will be sporting the defender of Hell’s Kitchen skin anytime soon.

With Daredevil being focused in the first week of the tournament, it is possible that other rumored Marvel characters such as Venom will become unlockable in the upcoming weeks of the championship and soon on the in-game shop.

The Marvel Knockout Super Series will be ending on November 21 which could be the time when the Daredevil skin is added to the in-game store. Although, the skin may also be added right after the tournament’s first-round has ended, so players who are also Daredevil fans should have their V-bucks ready before this date. Captain Marvel and Ghost Rider fans may also want to save up on a few extra V-bucks as new speculations say that the two Marvel characters are also joining Fortnite soon.

For Fortnite fans hungry for non-Marvel related content, they may be getting what they wished for in the form of a Halloween-inspired content coming to the game. The comeback of the Fortnitemares event appears to be just around the corner, adding new and scary skins for Fortnite’s massive list of existing characters.

With the Daredevil skin already confirmed and a new Halloween reportedly on the way, Fortnite fans will have a lot of things to do during the remaining days of season 4. Despite the game still banned by Apple, Epic Game’s plans for this famous battle royale game seems to be going on perfectly fine.

In related news, reputable Fortnite leaker @HYPEX recently revealed in a tweet about four allegedly upcoming Fortnite skins. Two of which are already labeled as confirmed and the other two are listed as unlikely.

All of the four leaks are skins or cosmetics with the two allegedly confirmed skins are for a new Renegade costume and a PlayStation 5 exclusive outfit.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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