Fortnite Releases Free Guy Emote and Skin In New Movie Collab

Free Guy, a film starring Ryan Reynolds from 20th Century Studios, is the most recent movie crossover for Fortnite; as a result, gamers may get their hands on stuff linked to the Ryan Reynolds-starring picture for a short time. Free Guy is based on a computer game and follows the eponymous Guy, a bank teller who learns he’s trapped in an online game whose servers are about to go down.


It’s hardly the only summer hit to make the transition to Fortnite. Idris Elba’s Bloodsport, from The Suicide Squad, arrived on the island earlier this month with a Harvesting Tool, four Suicide Squad Sprays, a Weapon Wrap, and a Starro Sample Back Bling. Superman, another DC figure, also entered the fray, flying into Fortnite just a few days ago on August 10. Players may now access a separate character’s musclebound alter ego starting today.

According to Epic Games, from August 12 to September 6, Fortnite will feature Free Guy Quests, which fans may start simply visiting in-game ATMs. At 8:00 PM ET, Man’s muscular alter ego, the not-so-good guy dubbed Dude, is set to enter the Item Shop. Dude’s skin, as well as the Good Guy Emote, are available to those that unlock him, as shown in the following message from Fortnite’s official Twitter account:

It’s unknown what Dude will bring to the table in terms of talents, but he’ll undoubtedly show capable when the pandemonium of a Fortnite match gets a bit too messy. Even though he’ll only be in the Item Shop for a few weeks, fans of the character will have plenty of opportunities to discover what Dude is made of.

Free Guy’s content will cease just a few days before the end of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, on September 12. Naturally, Chapter 2 Season 8 should begin in earnest soon after, but Epic Games has yet to announce its official release schedule. According to rumors and leaks, the publisher has a few surprises in store, one of which may be the introduction of a Naruto package.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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