Genshin Impact Unveils Anniversary Community Event Gifts

MiHoYo, the creator of Genshin Impact, has unveiled the community events and incentives that will take place during the game’s first anniversary. Genshin Impact was exclusively accessible on PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile, but it was later ported to the PlayStation 5 in 2021, hoping for a Nintendo Switch release in the future.

Genshin Impact became an instant hit after debuting as a free-to-play action RPG in September of 2020. As the player base developed, it quickly transformed into a committed community with character discussions, fan art, mythology theories, and much more. However, fans have been harshly critical of the game and its creator in recent weeks, with many being outraged by Genshin Impact’s newly announced first anniversary incentives.

The first anniversary is coming up in a week, and there’s still some debate about the 10 Intertwined Fates present, which some feel is too little for a one-year celebration. Despite the fact that miHoYo hasn’t explicitly addressed those issues, it appears that additional anniversary prizes are on the way.


MiHoYo gave a sneak peek at the community-specific activities and incentives commemorating the game’s anniversary in a post on the official Genshin Impact website. The community activities will be hosted via Genshin Impact’s official social media platforms rather than in-game.

Between September 28 and October 12, players will be rewarded with Primogems, Mora, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Hero’s Wit for viewing their own adventures in Genshin Impact during the last year at the “Unforgettable Journey” theater event.

Between September 29 and October 7, players may participate in the “Message in Time” event, in which they can make their own anniversary cards for a 10% chance to win a Blessing of the Welkin Moon or a 90% chance to win 100,000 Mora.

A costume contest, a word puzzle challenge, a photography raffle, and a gift for re-posting artwork are among the other community anniversary festivities planned. These tournaments include a variety of prizes ranging from Primogems and cash to an iPhone 13 and a Razor gaming mouse. Some anniversary submission contests are already running, with a lot of fan art on display, including a pointillist picture of Xiao from Genshin Impact.

These freshly planned events (and notably their awards) have sparked even more outrage among Genshin Impact gamers, who regard them as a smack in the face. Many people have criticized miHoYo for exploiting the game’s anniversary as a pretext to promote the game. In contrast, others have pointed out that the quantity of Primogems on offer is insufficient for even a single character pull. Given the negative reaction to miHoYo’s handling of the in-game anniversary incentives, the developer may be exacerbating an already terrible situation.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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