AI is all over Google‘s ecosystem now, and even businesses are benefiting from them. This week, Google announced that merchants would soon be able to access a new AI-powered tool called Product Studio, which will allow them to produce their own product imagery within the Merchant Center Next platform.

The idea behind the tool is to help merchants design and produce their own product imagery without additional cost. Specifically, instead of manually having them through photoshoots, the tool will employ AI to allow the users to decide the additional elements they think would improve their product presentation. For instance, merchants can ask the AL tool to make a product “surrounded by peaches, with tropical plants in the background.”

Aside from adding AI-generated elements to the product imagery, Product Studio will also allow the removal of backgrounds, especially if you want a simpler presentation. Even more, Google said that the tool could enhance low-resolution images.

The company promised to roll out the tool in the coming months to US-based users. And aside from Merchant Center Next, merchants should also be able to access the Product Studio using Google and YouTube apps on Shopify soon.

Product Studio is just one of the business-focused AI products Google recently revealed. During its Marketing Live event for advertisers, the company discussed a lot of plans and other new features dedicated to helping merchants elevate their businesses. One includes the plan to improve Google’s automatically created assets ad Search setting using generative AI to help further beef up the relevance of Search ads. Moreover, the search giant shared that it started the test for ads “directly integrated” into its conversational AI experience in Search.

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