Samsung has decided to stay in business with Google as its default search engine for its devices. According to past reports, the South Korean company considered switching to Bing, pushing it to conduct a review. The Wall Street Journal, however, now says this scrutiny has been put to a halt, though it might not mean the end of the search giant’s worries.

Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar investments have benefited Bing a lot. This move is clear that the software giant wants two things in return: a huge piece of the search market share and companies adopting Bing as their new default search engine. Samsung reportedly contemplated the latter, but a new report now indicates that it chooses to keep Google.

The New York Times first reported it in April, which alarmed the employees at Google as it annually receives $3 billion from Samsung for this agreement. Yet, as noted by WSJ, Samsung thought that the decision wouldn’t be a huge disruption on its end. That sounds reasonable, given that it is true that most Samsung users opt not to use their pre-installed Samsung browser. However, the report says that Samsung chooses to value its years-long business relationship with Google.

Microsoft’s AI advancements for Bing lured Samsung into considering the matter, as indicated in past reports. To recall, the software giant caught the public’s attention earlier this year by boosting its search engine with a slew of AI-powered features and capabilities. This reportedly caused Google to announce a “code red” and push its team to focus on developing Bard. The search giant then announced a bunch of its new AI products and creations during its I/O 2023 conference, which probably helped in deterring Samsung from making the switch.

This, nonetheless, is not a complete assurance for Google. As the report added, Samsung “isn’t permanently closing the door,” but no other clear reasons were mentioned what other factors could bait Samsung into completely moving to another search in the future. However, whatever those reasons might be, Google would certainly have to satisfy Samsung’s needs continuously to prevent any idea of a search engine change from entering its mind again. 

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