GTA Online has Awesome Bonuses and Discounts this week

Players are getting awesome rewards as Rockstar is doubling the GTA$ and RP that you earn this week for the Motorcycle Club, both VIP and MC Work & Challenges. Whichever gets more attention will influence next week’s bonuses.

Rockstar stated on their official site that the activity that is played more often this week will determine next week’s bonuses. If players do more VIP Work & Challenges, then all Special Cargo Sell Missions will get Double Rewards the following week. If players prefer to do more MC Work & Challenges, all the Biker Business Sell Missions will get 2X GTA$ & RP from September 3rd to September 9th.”



Players will also get a Green Dot Tech Mask next week if they complete VIP or MC work this week. Everyone who logs in before 2nd September will also get a free Vapers Den tee.

Open Wheel Races also have triple GTA$ and RP throughout the week, and it includes the nine new tracks that come with the recent Los Santos Summer Special update. The podium vehicle this week at the Diamond Casino & Resort is the lightning-fast Progen PR4 wrapped in the Estancia Tobacco-sponsored livery, try your luck and spin the Lucky Wheel.

MC Clubhouses, Businesses, and Executive Offices also have a 40% discount while Executive Office Customizations have a 30% discount. It is a great week to be a criminal in Los Santos.

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