Upcoming GTA Online Update Will Introduce New Nightclub

Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto Online continues to see success thanks to the fact that the developer still supports the game with updates. Speaking of updates, it appears that GTA Online’s next biggest expansion is getting closer and closer, and Rockstar Games has a lot of exciting things planned this year for the game’s dedicated fanbase.

Grand Theft Auto Online was initially released all the way back in 2013, and Rockstar Games has worked extra hard on it since then to ensure that it becomes one of the best and unforgettable online titles out there.

Thanks to the company’s sheer dedication and commitment spanning seven years, GTA Online was able to see its best fiscal second quarter during this year. This doesn’t come as a surprise though, especially since the online title will be making its way to the next-generation consoles next year.

Without a doubt, those fans who wish to continue their Grand Theft Auto adventure on either PS5 or Xbox Series X/S will be able to experience new content, starting on December 15 with the The Cayo Perico Heist.


In addition to that, there’s one another announcement that has made the Grand Theft Auto community buzz with excitement: Rockstar Games will be introducing a brand-new undergound nightclub known as “The Music Locker.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a set launch date just yet. Although, the Rockstar Newswire states that the new club will be “opening soon in East Los Santos” beneath Diamond Casino & Resort. According to the Newswire, The Music Locker is “the greatest club that Los Santos has ever seen.” As such, it’s to be expected that world-class DJs will be present during incredible night parties.

For instance, “Detroit legend” Moodymann will be making an appearance during the club’s opening week. Other guests will be starring in later updates though, such as Palms Trax, Keinemusik, and more.

What’s more, those who own a penthouse in the Diamond Casino will have exclusive benefits, such as access to table service in The Music Locker’s VIP section.


As such, players will most likely come across and share a table with some of the elite members of East Los Santos’ society. That being said, the update with The Music Locker is touted to be the biggest musical update for GTA Online since its initial release, as it will also be adding new radio stations, new DJ’s as well as new music to the already-existing stations as time goes on.

Updates such as these may not mean much to some, but they’re substantial enough to flesh out the game even more. We’re confident that the future of Grand Theft Auto Online is in good hands with Rockstar Games.

While Rockstar Games is working wonders on this online title, it appears that the developer may be falling short on its other online game, Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online may be another big online game by the same developer as GTA Online, but many players weren’t pleased by its latest Bounty Hunter update and it appears that its player count is slowly decreasing. As such, it doesn’t look like this one will have as bright a future as GTA Online.

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