Xbox Design Lab is Temporarily Shut Down

Xbox Design Lab is one of Microsoft’s gimmicks wherein you have full control over the customization of your Xbox One controllers. There is a wide variety of options to choose from, including all kinds of color combinations.

Personalization doesn’t have to end there, though. You can also customize the controllers’ individual parts, including the bumpers, body, buttons, and the sticks. There are over 40 different colors to choose from for each part, and based on just how creative you are, you can create billions of combinations for your signature controller.

This sounds like a very fun time, right? Unfortunately, Microsoft will be shutting down Xbox Design Lab temporarily. From October 14, 2020 to sometime in 2021, the service will not be available.


At the moment, Xbox Design Lab only offers customization for Xbox One controllers, but we’re assuming that this temporary shutdown was done to prepare for offering customized Xbox Series X controllers.

This temporary shutdown is definitely unfortunate, especially since we don’t exactly know when the service will be made available again. However, if our assumptions are correct, this does give Microsoft ample time to extend the personalization options to Xbox Series X controllers.

The controllers for this latest console may look quite similar to Xbox One controllers, but it’s supposed to have noticeable and functional improvements and differences. For instance, the Xbox Series X controllers will have the following:

  • rounded triggers;
  • a dot pattern on the bumpers and triggers;
  • a new d-pad design; and
  • carefully-sculpted grips.

The last point will allow for a wider range of hand sizes. Without a doubt, these functional adjustments will improve note only the comfortability, but overall gameplay as well.

However, the improvements will most likely pose as an obstacle for Xbox Design Lab, as it will definitely be difficult for them to provide the most customization options possible for the new designs.


On the bright side, Xbox Series X will be able to support the controllers made for the Xbox One. This means that if you have already made and purchased a customized Xbox Design Labs controller, you will still be able to use it on the new console if you do plan on upgrading.

Even though the Xbox Series X controller will have great functionality improvements along with improved latency, Xbox One controllers customized from Xbox Design Labs will undoubtedly be less expensive than the potential price range for customizing Series X controllers.

The Xbox Series X and Series S will officially be released to the gaming world on November 10, only a few months from now. What’s more, preorders for the upcoming consoles will take place on September 22.

This means that you still have enough time to customize your very own Xbox One controller to use on the new console when it gets launched. On the other hand, if you want to customize an Xbox Series X controller, you will probably have to wait a couple of months after the console’s release before Xbox Design Lab opens their services again.

For now, we don’t really know if the temporary shutdown truly means that Microsoft will be adding customization options for the new console’s controllers, and only time will tell.

Xbox Design Lab is still available until October 14, though, so customize your controller now while you still can.

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