Highly-Anticipated Kickstarter ‘Scarlet Republics’ Makes Its Way to the Nintendo Switch in 2022

Just like Eiyuden Chronicle, Scarlet Republics is yet another successful Kickstarter project. In just 10 hours, the game has already surpassed its initial goal of $11,820 (€10,000). The Kickstarter describes Scarlet Republics as the outcome if “Fire Emblem had a love-child with Divinity and a Joe Abercrombie book.” Honestly, we’re intrigued.

This is a turn-based tactical RPG that has a mix of both Western and Japanese gameplay mechanics. Plus, we’ve heard that the storyline will be rich and immersive as well.

Scarlet Republics is set in a fantasy world known as Corsano, which takes great inspiration from the art of Leonardo Da Vinci and the Italian Renaissance. The game deals with themes of conquest and vengeance, among others.



Here are the game’s key features, as enumerated on their Kickstarter page:

  • Outwit the Enemy with Masterful Tactics: In Scarlet Republics you guide a squad of mercenaries in turn-based combat. The game features 7 unique classes divided over 20 playable characters. It’s up to you to pick and mold your squad to suit your playstyle and strategies.
  • Get Creative with Squad-Building: We’ve built the RPG system to match customization with organic, pseudo-random growths that provide interesting and varied avenues for squad building and gut-wrenching choices for how to grow your characters. This means that no two players will end up with the same squad.
  • Did We Mention Choice?: Large parts of the game, including entire battle-maps and quests, are choice specific and it is impossible to see it all in one playthrough. The game features 4 different main endings, but the fate of individual characters or factions may differ vastly across these.
  • Machiavellian Politics and Scheming City-States: The game is set in a low-fantasy world in the country of Corsano. Inspired by the Mediterranean, the Renaissance and the vineyards and olive groves of Italy and Greece, Corsano is a land of vibrant colors, heady spices, merchant lords, pirates, politics, intrigue and, of course, war, as different city-states and princes vie for control and dominion over the country. 
  • Da Vinci’s Imagination and Dramatic Tango: The game’s art style is inspired by Renaissance art and the sketches of the master Leonardo Da Vinci. The soundtrack mixes classical fantasy with inspirations from tango and flamenco for a dramatic sunset vibe. In fact, if you want the full immersion, why don’t you listen to it while you read the rest of the Kickstarter?

Scarlet Republics is scheduled to be launched in 2022 for both gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, as well as the PC. The project is still ongoing and the team has started adding stretch goals as well.

If you want to back up this Kickstarter, you can do so here, but you can also add it to you Steam wishlist.

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