Now Serving Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale on Oculus Quest and Rift

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VR gamers everywhere can now enjoy Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale on both Oculus Quest and Rift. Cook-Out is a whimsical cooking game that allows you to play with up to four people, working together to serve hungry enchanted creatures with sandwiches and other meals.

You will have a variety of customers, from mice to werewolves, and other kinds of beasts. Just like your average cooking game, you need to make sure that your customers remain happy. As such, you need to collaborate and communicate with your fellow chefs to serve the food on time. In a press release, producer Gustav Stenmark states:

“Food, fun and games are three of the very best ways to get together with friends, and with Cook-Out, we’re excited to be delivering all of those things. Co-op games are always at their wildest when everyone is scrambling to work together, and Cook-Out will definitely keep you on your toes. Within a few minutes you’ll all be barking orders like a line cook, trying to figure out who’s supposed to be grabbing the ketchup and who needs to cut the cheese.”


Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale gives you to option to either play solo or with two to four friends via the multiplayer mode. When playing with others, the game gives each player a selection of different ingredients, forcing everyone to cooperate and work together to create the perfect meal.

It has over 50 levels across 18 towns, so you will definitely have a blast going through each one. The game also features an Endless Mode, giving you and your friends more opportunities to work and laugh together.

Cook-Out is the 11th game from Resolution Games and it is now available for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift for $19.99 USD

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