Do you want to earn precious rewards while playing “Hogwarts Legacy”? Some of the most recommended ways to get these bounties are to explore new areas and solve puzzles. Speaking of puzzles, there are lots of mind-boggling stuff you can work on in the game, such as the puzzles in the Merlin Trials. 

These Trials are distributed throughout the Regions of the Hogwarts Realm. Exciting as they may sound, they can be pretty tiresome to find since they won’t just pop out on the map unless players have come across them previously as they explore the game. 

The puzzles in the Merlin Trials are created by Merlin, a legendary wizard, to distract his schoolmates from the Slytherin house. Solving these puzzles requires particular spells and techniques for each one of them. So, to make things easier for you, here’s a guide to solving these puzzles. 

How To Solve The 9 Types Of Merlin Trials In ‘Hogwarts Legacy’

Several different Merlin Trials are scattered across the world of “Hogwarts Legacy.” Many of them are similar, so to simplify everything, we won’t go through all those Trials but present how to solve them by outlining the basic common patterns. There will be some distinctions, but recognizing the pattern of the Trial you are trying to solve will make things far easier and quicker. 

As mentioned earlier, you need an extensive range of spells to solve those puzzles. Thus, ensure you have those required spells for the Merlin Trials unlocked. Let’s begin.

Obliterate Stones

If a Merlin Trial gives you some large stones with some glowing energy in their cracks, cast the Confringo spell to destroy those stones and complete the Trial.

Flip Stones With Symbols

Some Trials will give you stone cubes rested on pillars, and these stones are covered in markings or symbols. Cast the Flipendo charm to flip them until each cube is lined up properly with the pillar where it is resting. 

Gather Moth Swarms

If you are faced with a Trial with stone blocks hollowed out with a crystal located inside, you must first gather months nearby. Look for glowing moth swarms around and lead them to the crystals using the Lumos spell. No, you won’t need to be an insect lover to do this right. 

Place The Giant Stone Orb On The Ground

Also, occasionally, you will come across a solitary and giant stone orb in some of the Trials. These orbs must be transferred to the ground. You can use various movement spells as they deem fit, but casting the Wingardium Leviosa charm is the easiest approach.

Light Torches

Meanwhile, some Merlin Trials will need you to find torches in the area and light them. They’ll descend toward the ground as soon as you light a torch. That means you must light every torch before one of them falls to the ground. 

Depending on the Trial, you may be required to use Incendio or Confringo. The latter is needed if you cannot get too close to a torch.

Repair Stone Statues

There are also Trials with some statues nearby crumbling apart. Simply use the Repairo spell to fix them. 

Are you experiencing difficulties locating the statues? You can then use the Revelio spell. 

Roll Stone Orbs

Just when you think those things above are easy, wait until you know about this. Rolling stone orbs is one of the easiest of the Trials to complete. Some Trials will have stone discs on the ground, with indents for the stone balls to neatly fit in. 

You can find those stone piles as you go looking around. Cast the Accio spell to bring them to the discs on the ground. Be sure to use this spell for each disc to finish the trial. 

Once again, you have the Revelio spell available whenever you find it challenging to locate the stone orbs. To clear away leaves and brambles, use Incendio.

Smash Orbs

In a Trial with fragile stone orbs scattered around the vicinity, use Accio to pull them apart. You’ll then achieve solving the Trial. 

Climb Up The Stones, Then Run Or Jump Across Each Without Falling

Now, this is a bit finicky. There are Merlin Trials that will require you to climb up stones and then run or jump across each without falling to the ground. Seems easy, but this can actually be tricky depending on your control setup. Be patient. It may take you a couple of tries to get it right.  


Solving the puzzles in the Merlin Trials in “Hogwarts Legacy” will need some of your precious time. But once you do, you will get a decent reward, particularly more space for your gear (which is small but very practical). 

There you have it. Everything you need to know when solving the Merlin Trials. We hope you learned from our guide above. Good luck!

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