From early applications on PDAs to the notoriously addictive game “Snake” on Nokia’s 6110 cell phone, to the thousands of applications now available on our smartphones, the evolution of simplifying life has been done via technology. Retail and rideshare are not the only industries that have created their own cost estimating applications. The auto transport industry has even created easy-to-use auto transport cost estimations.

Smartphones have become a way of life. Every fine detail of our lives has been integrated into some application on our phone. It is hard to ignore the need we have developed for these applications and just how much harder life would seem without them. Do you get the most out of your phone? There are tips and tricks that you can use, including maximizing battery life, backing up photos, and managing time.

Auto transport companies want to make it easier for customers. The more resources available to get a quote for car shipping, the higher the likelihood of more customers will go online, via mobile app, or call for a quote.

The apps are really easy to use to get a car shipping estimate. You fill in the address where you need the car picked up. Then you input your destination for the car along with your vehicle’s identification information. You may need to add additional information if you are looking for extra services to be included in your quote.

Once you have filled in the required information, you can get your quote or request for a transport specialist to give you a call with your quote information. You may need to speak with a representative if you need specialty services like household moving or packing services.

Like with any phone app, you should make sure it adheres to all Federal Trade Commission guidelines for privacy and safety. You can end up losing a lot of your personal information if the applications you download are not safe. Always check the legitimacy of the applications you download before entering any information into them.

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So how has the use of mobile applications made the auto transport industry more simple for transporters and customers?

The ease of access that a phone application provides for customers is extraordinary. For those customers who don’t want to talk to a live representative yet, and want a general idea of what It might cost, a smartphone application does wonders.

Before auto transport companies began using applications to provide quotes, the only thing they had was the company’s website or telephone means of communication. If you have ever tried to use your phone’s web browser to fill out the information, it can be somewhat of a pain. That is why, through technological evolution, they began incorporating the use of mobile applications.

When you need to get multiple quotes but aren’t ready to discuss the fine details of your transport just yet, using a transport company’s mobile app can help you get the quotes you need. This also alleviates the fear of the person on the other end, trying to upsell services.

Before your next auto transport, make sure you download an auto transport app to help you get the quote information you need when you need it. Most applications are available through Google Play and the Apple Store. For more questions, call a local auto transport service for details.

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