This may sound absurd, but teachers are as stressed by exams as students are. After all, how the students fair in their tests is a direct reflection of the capabilities of their teachers. The entirety of the situation depends on the students in question – they cannot hope for good results if they cannot retain the information that has been given to them.

However, this does not mean that there is no way for teachers to ensure that their students perform better in their exams. Using alternative methods of teaching, especially those involving technology, can yield positive results. Using the right kind of technology is very important for MBA admissions consultants.

The right kind of technology for the classroom

Audio-Visual Technology

Nowadays, most smart classrooms come equipped with a whiteboard, a projector, and a computer. The purpose of this is to promote the use of audiovisual techniques of teaching. Instead of providing students with a verbal account of events, teachers can now show them the real deal with the audiovisual equipment.

This has shown to have a significant positive effect on the performance of the students, enabling them to engage and immerse themselves in the lesson completely and therefore retaining a lot of the information they have gathered. Of course, simply using the audiovisual method won’t be of much use- teachers also need to find the appropriate content they want to put forth in front of their students.

For example, a boring documentary that runs on for hours will quickly put the students off, while shorter videos that are fun and interesting will keep them hooked. The teacher needs to use their discretion while using this technology.

The art of flexible teaching

The classroom has always had a limited amount of resources, a limitation that did not allow teachers to experiment with their methods much. With the arrival of the internet, this problem has been dispelled.

Instead of rigorously sticking to a pre-planned lesson plan or method of teaching, teachers can now talk about a wide variety of topics, and even encourage students to give their opinions on certain matters. You will be able to keep the attention of each and every student on yourself when you do this, and having the students engage in such a detailed way will help them remember a lot of the discussions that had taken place in your class.

For example, if you are talking to the students about environmental studies, you can show them certain relative information in the classroom space itself for them to remember it during the exam.

Technology helps in revision too

Since you can achieve an advanced level of interactivity, engagement, and flexibility with the help of technology in the classroom, it also helps them when they are revising for their exam. As a teacher, you can also impart some of the information from your classroom to the students to help them during the revision process.

For example, if you have used a PowerPoint presentation to aid your lectures, you can share it with your students before the exam to help them revise the topics concerned. It’s a great way to keep the students certain that they have all the information they need to ace the exam.