PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds features three different sniper rifles to use in-game, or four if you count the Kar98K. Finding a sniper rifle early significantly increases your chances of winning the game, but unlike H1Z1, they can be found outside of just airdrops. Rather, you can find them around the map, though they are quite rare and you’ll likely have to place yourself in harm’s way to scavenge them. Here’s where you can find the best sniper rifles in Battlegrounds.



The AWM is absolutely absurd. If you find one, I would recommend quickly finding a suitable secondary then immediately leaving. This is by and far the best sniper rifle, and you want to protect yourself with distance.

You should be one-shotting most other players with this gun, but be aware: when other players hear you shoot, you will be hunted.

Availability: Extremely Rare.

Usual Locations

I’ve encountered this sniper rifle twice in Battlegrounds and they’ve only ever come from the airdrops.


The M24 is nearly as great as the AWM, but slightly less powerful. You aren’t going to one-shot many players with this sniper rifle unless they’ve failed to heal themselves completely, or unless you get a headshot.

I would still treat the weapon like an AWM by heading to the woods once you’ve found it.

Availability: Super Rare.

Usual Locations

Similar to the AWM, one M24 may spawn within the Military Base or Georgopol. However, you might also find the sniper rifle in the gun range in Battlegrounds — the one located within the J7, D3 gridmarker. I wouldn’t bank on any sniper rifles being found in random houses. They are generally tied to higher populated areas.


The SKS is the only sniper rifle in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that features a semi-automatic fire rate. It’s not slow, per se, but there’s a small delay between shots.

When you encounter players without armor you should be getting kills with only two shots to the chest. When you face off against players that have armor, it’ll take you three.

Availability: Super Rare.

Usual Locations

The SKS can be found everywhere the M24 spawns are, but the semi-automatic also bleeds into a few of the smaller cities. In addition, you might also find the SKS at the Mylta Powerplant.

Kar98K (Assault Rifle)

The Kar98K is a rifle you should only pick up when there’s nothing else available. It’s extremely mediocre, in my opinion, but might still get you a few kills. It has a slow fire rate and takes three hits to kill another player without armor.

Trade it out for an assault rifle or different sniper rifle when you get the chance.

Availability: Common.

Usual Locations

You can find the Kar98K almost everywhere in PUBG — they even spawn in sheds occasionally.

Sniper rifles in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are quite rare and you should protect your find when you scavenge one. Keep your distance and let the shots ring out.