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The link between video games and cannabis isn’t new. It was first discussed when video games first came on the market. Those who used it claimed it would accentuate their experience.

While these were just claims, there is some scientific evidence that CBD and cannabis can improve the video game experience. Keep in mind, there are certain terpenes (i.e., CBD and THC) that are more important in improving this experience than others. It is possible to find a terpenes guide from Weed Seeds USA to learn more about this. Keep reading to learn more about the link between cannabis use and the video game experience.

The First Studies Related to Cannabis and Video Game Playing

In the Netherlands, the Groningen Mental Enhancement Department completed a year-long study on how video games and weed impacted the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. During this study, the patients played video games each day. Half of the participants also used marijuana. In the end, the research team discovered that those who were using cannabis had better memory retention than the group that did not.

Today is the digital era. Because of this, it is possible to grow up and make a living as a professional gamer. In fact, the ESL -; Electronic Sports League -; generates millions of dollars of revenue each year and is the biggest eSports league in the world. Today, because of the impact of marijuana on gaming, there is now a required saliva-based drug screening required to participate in the events. All competitors have to do this before they are allowed to play.

CBD Taking Over as a Gamer’s Best Friend

Quality video games have a way of sucking players into a world of wonder and fantasy. Many people find themselves wasting hours in these computer-generated lands. Fast reflexes, situational awareness, and superior concentration are required to succeed. However, after several hours, it is only normal for some of these abilities to dissipate, which can have a negative impact on a person’s overall performance. For players in ESL, this can be a disastrous situation and make them lose their chance at winning the big prize.

Since marijuana is no longer allowed to be used in ESL tournaments, pro gamers are looking for another boost. Rather than getting “stoned” using THC, an alternative would be cannabidiol or CBD. This is the most popular and well-known compound, that does not cause intoxication, in the Cannabis sativa plant.

Drug Testing and CBD

There is a lot of CBD present in certain strains of cannabis. However, the non-intoxicating forms are extracted by manufacturers from the hemp plant. With industrial hemp cultivation now being legal in the U.S., the popularity and use of CBD have soared.

What this means is that gamers can use CBD as much as they like during a gaming tournament. Try to find products from reputable brands and sources. Also, CBD will not cause users to fail a drug test. This is because modern drug tests are looking for THC metabolites.

As anyone can see, CBD is now considered a popular option for gamers. It is something that can help improve performance and not provide any unwanted side effects. Keep the information here in mind to find out why using CBD may be a smart move.

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