Many experienced online gambling NZ users already know the selection strategy. However, for beginners, it can be a real challenge. Several factors can affect the choice in the future. First, you must decide on the main goal – you play for money or for free.

The best online pokies represent their own demo version for free. With it, you can place bets without registering and investing money. Some pokies offer to take virtual credit and analyze bets to minimize risks in the real game.

For the optimal and correct choice, you should read the previous reviews of players who have already encountered and played before. Usually, players indicate the main advantages or disadvantages of pokies. You can rely on personal feelings and intuition. If there is confidence in winning, then it is worth the risk. When you are ready to spend a certain amount of money without compromising the main budget, you can safely proceed to real bets.

Types of online pokies

And what are pokies in general? In general, the following types can be distinguished:

  • Classic pokies.
  • Video pokies.
  • Mega spins.
  • Progressive pokies.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these varieties.

Classic pokies

These are the machines for money that appeared first. Since many players are nostalgic for those pokies where it was enough just to press a button or use a lever and wait for the desired combination, many players consider this demand. Accordingly, many pokies repeat the gameplay of the same pokies.

Of course, depending on the game, the number of reels, paylines, and other parameters may vary. But, in general, even thematically, the machines repeat the same. Classic pokies include, for example, fruit pokies, which can be played online both for money and for free.

A significant number of classic pokies have only three reels and fewer paylines. They also have simplified bonus rounds.

It is worth highlighting fruit machines, a separate type of online pokies. It is a three-reel pokie machine in which you must collect a winning combination on one payline.

Accordingly, the symbols are fruits. The more of the same fruit you collect on one line, the bigger the win.

However, modern fruit machines can already move away from the classics. Playing such pokies is especially interesting because people like something new.

Online pokies such as “video pokies.”

At the moment, video pokies are in the greatest demand among all gaming machines. Each person can find a pokie of the theme closest to him. As a rule, this type of pokies has five reels and up to several hundred paylines. The graphics and sound effects are incredible. Playing this type of pokie machine is especially interesting and exciting.

Mega spin pokies

These are fundamentally different games, as you can play 3-9 games at one time. When the online casino’s customer chooses the games that interest him and decides on the bet, he clicks on the appropriate button, and a very interesting game begins. The number of reels can reach 45 pieces. Accordingly, the chance of a jackpot increases rapidly if you play this type of pokie machine. As a rule, 3-reel pokies are used for mega-spin games. However, in some cases, there are exceptions.

Progressive pokies

It is a network of pokies in which the jackpot is combined. Every time someone plays such a game, the amount of the jackpot increases until some lucky person wins it. Accordingly, the more people play such a pokie, the more winnings they can claim.

One player could get almost 18 million euros in such a game. As for New Zelandian pokies of this type, the winnings will not be so big. But still enough to be very happy.

How to play pokies online?

To play pokies, you must first decide how you plan to play: for free or for money. In the first case, there is no need to even create an account. It is enough to open the main page of the casino you are interested in, select a pokie machine, and click on the “Demo” button.

Playing online pokies in New Zealand is also possible in paid mode. To do this, you need to go through the registration procedure and to be able to withdraw funds – and verify.

How to play pokies and win?

To win, you do not need to perform any special actions. It is enough to make as many bets as possible. Some of them will be 100% winning. Accordingly, to win, you need to make bets as small as possible. With the same budget, they will significantly increase their chances of winning.

It is also recommended to choose pokies that have a good RTP.

Who can play free pokies?

  1. If you are just starting your way as a gambler.
  2. If you have not decided on the game or want to test it before making the first bets in this pokie.
  3. If you want to better control your finances but still want to play.

Playing for real money is, of course, much more interesting. After all, the more gambling the game, the greater the range of emotions it causes. The constant swing of win/loss is very motivating, and you can spend many hours with enthusiasm.

However, playing for virtual chips has its advantages. Experts recommend combining different modes to achieve maximum results in the game. It also has the following positive aspects:

  • No need to register. You can play on a free pokie machine without creating an account or giving your data.
  • Simplified access. To play for free, just open the official website of the gaming club you are interested in. Also, free pokies are often available in mobile applications.
  • The opportunity to try a lot of pokies at once. As a rule, every pokie available for playing for real money is also available for free.

It is noted that the greatest demand for free pokies is among beginners. It is very simple to explain: new players want to learn about as many pokies as possible, delve into all their features and try them out in real-time. The user tries to understand whether he likes a particular development and whether it has enough game features.

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