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Being an eCommerce store owner, you need to be at the top of your game. You must take advantage of the different aspects that influence your sale, especially regarding the integrations and add-ons that simplify the overall operations. 

Interestingly, things become more straightforward when your store is based on PrestaShop, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. Thousands of customers trust it for the sheer number of plugins (3,768+) that simplify different aspects of in-store operations.  

However, if you’re new to the platform, you might get lost while scrolling through the hundreds of add-ons that streamline different operations. To assist you further, we’ve compiled a list of the best PrestaShop modules in their respective categories. Let’s check them out.

Top PrestaShop Modules To Streamline Your Business Process

SmartrMail: For Simplified Email Marketing

Emails have been the most effective marketing and conversion tools for decades. They aren’t only cost-effective and allow you to reach millions of people in just a few clicks. Interestingly, emails give you an average return of $42 on every dollar spent. 

When implementing the same in your PrestaShop store, we suggest using the SmartrMail plugin. It is a 360-degree solution for all your marketing concerns. In addition, the plugin greets you with several unique email templates, depending on the layout of your online store, the moment it is installed. 

Overall, Smartr is a reliable mailing tool that allows you to automate your email campaigns with its templates for welcome series, abandoned carts, and win-back campaigns. Besides, if you’re unsure of its operations, you can avail of the 15-day free trial to serve over 1,000 subscribers.

Astra’s PrestaShop Security Suite: For Enhanced Overall Security

When running a successful eCommerce venture, you must ensure top-notch security for your consumers. Shopping at a secure website adds to its customers’ comfort, revenue, and customer retention over the long run. Besides, keeping in mind the increasing number of cyberattacks, you must install a suite of security features in your store. 

Interestingly, Astra’s PrestaShop Security Suite add-on allows you to keep scammers, hackers, and other harmful malware attacks at bay. The integration secures your store with a secured firewall backed by an on-demand malware scanner. Other security add-on modules in the suite include: 

  • Web Application Firewall
  • Daily Malware check & Monitoring blacklists
  • Intuitive dashboard and reporting
  • Security Audit & VAPT
  • Immediate Malware Removal

Adding to it, Astra’s flexible pricing options make it a go-to plugin for every store owner. 

Advanced Search 4: For Filters & Search Add-ons

Customer experience is one of the determining factors for any eCommerce store. If your website fails to give satisfying search results, you might lose the opportunity to convert intent into a sale. 

This is where Advanced Search 4 comes in as a reliable layered navigation module for your PrestaShop store. The plugin allows you to add as many search engines to your store as you like. Besides, with the SEO boosters and experts on the plugin team, you can streamline your website to draw more visitors. 

Currently, Advanced Search 4 is a reliable navigator with over 5000+ installations. Overall, the wide array of advanced filters and efficient layered searches make PrestaShop a go-to option for roughly 250 Euros.

JPresta Speed Pack: For Real-Time Loading Speed

Slower loading speeds can be irritating, whether it’s your favorite game or a shopping website. Besides, when a similar experience can impact your sales, you must ensure that your website takes minimal to no time to load. 

This is where the JPresta Speed Pack comes into the picture. This speed optimization module can greatly reduce the loading time of your eCommerce store. The plugin caches the entire page to allow the browser to increase the overall website speed. This way, the plugin improves your website’s loading speed and helps with PrestaShop’s SEO.

JPresta is an excellent plugin to optimize your website’s content to reach its optimal speed. Besides, considering its price of 240 Euros, it is a relatively suitable option.

PrestaShop Bitcoin Plugin: For Accepting Crypto Payments

Customers love to shop at websites that are innovative and convenient at the same time. For instance, you’re better at selling your products when you provide your customers with more flexible payment options compared to others who don’t. 

Besides, it also allows you to attract and retain more customers. Regarding payment options, you can’t miss out on accepting cryptos, the latest payment method in the eCommerce space. 

This brings us to the last add-on on our list, Coingate’s PrestaShop Bitcoin plugin. Once you install this module, it allows you to accept crypto payments instantly from anywhere worldwide. 

This way, the plugin saves you from fraudulent chargebacks on purchases and gets the attention of tech-savvy customers for only 1% of the transaction. Lastly, considering it’s a free module, there’s no reason not to try this add-on. 

Now You Know

This brings us to the end of our list of the best plugins you could use for your new or running PrestaShop store. Remember, while our list may be comprehensive, it doesn’t cover all the plugins. So stay updated with the latest launches and ways they streamline operations. All the best! 

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