Whether you own horses or you just love them, you may have considered playing horse-themed games to unwind and entertain yourself. The types of games available can vary and they can be enjoyed alone, with friends and/or family, and even at social events like parties. For some inspiration, here’s a guide to the best horse-themed games that you should consider playing, along with what to look for and a list of some of the best titles.

Sports Involving Horses  

The best horse-themed games are those that involve real horses. There are many sports that you can watch as a horse lover. A few examples include show jumping, polo, eventing, dressage, cross-country equestrian, and one of the most popular events, horse racing. If you really love horse racing, make a date to watch live horse races on a smartphone or tablet. Attending live events is recommended too, as it offers a great experience.

PC Horse Games 

A good horse game for the computer should have good graphics, accurate conformation of the breed of horse, correct animation of the horse, precise chores and care, depth to the story and characters, progression, good user experience, and realistic outcomes. The game will need to entertain the user and appeal to people of all ages, so it can reach a wide audience and encourage them to continue playing it. Some of the best games for PCs are:

  • Star Stable
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • The Sims 3: Pets

Games for Android 

Horse games can be addictive, so finding ones that are easily accessible will allow you to get your fix. Downloading a horse game for your smartphone will allow you to play it whenever you want. From horse racing games to games that focus on horse care, there are many different mobile horse games available.

Top games include:

  • Horse Riding Tales
  • Rival Stars Horse Racing
  • My Horse
  • Goodgame Big Farm

Horse Board Games 

If you want to step away from the screen and want to play a traditional game with your friends and/or family who are also horse lovers, then you should consider playing a horse-themed board game. A popular example includes Horse-Opoly, which is similar to the original property trading game with an equestrian twist.

You can also consider Round-Up, Fantasy Ranch, and horse racing board games. These board games can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Themed Party Games 

Finding a fun horse-themed game is important if you are throwing a party for a horse lover. Some examples of horse-themed party games include ponytail relay, a hobby horse obstacle course, lasso the rocking horse, horseshoe pitching, and a pony puzzle race. You can get creative and use your imagination when it comes to creating party games. Making them fun and unique is key to creating an unforgettable event that can be enjoyed by everyone who attends.

Everyone will have their preferences when it comes to playing games. Fortunately, there are many modern and traditional options when it comes to horse-themed games.

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